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Fixed Jaw Crusher

As we all know, a fixed jaw crusher (also called stationary jaw crusher) is widely used in primary crushing for the purpose of crushing bulk and large-sized material into a smaller shape for secondary crushing jaw crusher.  In general, a jaw rock crusher can be divided into single toggle jaw crusher and double toggle jaw crusher. The fixed jaw crusher can be also installed on the mobile crushing plant, and then it is called mobile jaw crusher and helpful to such as underground mining and mobile crushing applications. There are different types of fixed jaw crushers such as CJ Euro jaw crusher, HD German jaw crusher, PEX jaw crusher and PE jaw crushers.

Fixed Jaw Crusher

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Unparalleled reliability

Pinned and bolted & non-welded frame structures & High-quality components

Excellent performance

Super-large bearing design & Highly productivity & downtime Reduction

Safe Operation and Maintenance

Modularization design & Automation & Hydraulic adjustment discharge opening

Easy Installation & Transportation

Integrated steel frame base & Detachable structure & Steel fabricated subframe

Fixed Jaw Crusher

Fixed Jaw Crusher

Fixed Jaw Crusher

Fixed Jaw Crusher

  • Fixed Jaw Crusher
  • Fixed Jaw Crusher
  • Fixed Jaw Crusher
  • Fixed Jaw Crusher

Reliable and Versatile Fixed Jaw Crusher

-Unparalleled reliability

Fixed jaw crusher is a pinned and bolted, non-welded frame construction that provides wonderful fatigue strength. That structure overcomes the inconvenience that the welding rack is prone to stress concentration and is more solid and reliable.

-Excellent performance

Compared with the previous fixed jaw crushers of the same specification, the bearing size is enlarged and the service life is prolonged. The discharge port adjustment is different from the traditional plug-in type adjustment method, using wedges to adjust the discharge port, reducing the labor intensity and downtime.

-Safe Operation and Maintenance

A fixed jaw crusher adopts modularization design to save time and jaw crushers' installation costs and improve safety. Generally speaking, a jar rock crusher can be installed just in a few days, which minimizing on-site engineering and fabrication. While the real situation is also differernt because the installation of the large one maybe need more time to get it done which means the different jaw crusher design causing different crushing effects. Being the most important part of the crushing process, this concrete jaw crusher can realize automation that enables monitoring and adjusting the settings of a feeder, crusher, and conveyor remotely. In this way, the jaw crusher machine for sale at the market can be controlled from a distance, making the operation easier and safer. The user can optionally install the hydraulic adjustment discharge port device to make jaw adjustment and maintenance easier. So, advanced jaw crushing machine can guarantee the safety of the people and bring the cuctomer prospective profit.

-Easy Installation & Transportation

The detachable structure is convenient for transportation and installation, especially for underground installation.

The integrated structure of the motor base and the host machine makes installation easier and saves spaces. The whole fixed jaw crusher machines are placed on the base of the steel fabricated subframe, and the main machine and the base are connected through a short-absorbing pad, which have little influence on the foundation.

Fixed Jaw Crusher Working Principle

The motor drives the belt and the grooved wheel which connects the eccentric shaft through the movement of the eccentric shaft the moveable jaw plate moves up and down. when the movable jaw plate moves up, the angle between it and toggle plate will be enlarged, so the movable jaw plate will be closed to a fixed jaw plate. Then the material will be pressed and crushed. when the movable jaw plate moves down, the angle between it and the toggle plate will be reduced. The movable jaw plate will move away from the fixed jaw plate due to the tension rod and springs. At this movement, the crushed material will be discharged from the discharged opening. with moving of the rotor and periodical movement of movable jaw plate, the material will be pressed and discharged gradually so that batch production will be reached.

Four advantages of the Fixed Jaw Crusher

-Environmental protection

Nowadays, due to eco-friendly and low-carbon requirements in many countries, more and more fixed jaw crusher manufacturers in China even in the world turn to design energy-saving and eco-friendly crushers. And actually, they did make great contributions to the world economy, resources conservation, recycling and environmental protection. For example, CJ Euro jaw crusher, a new type of fixed jaw crusher, when porcessing mineral ores, aggregates and coal, etc., adopts advanced dust-removing technology to create a green environment without any floating dust. That is to say, most of jaw crushers are installed side products like dust remover and noise reduction system to reach high environmental protection.

-Efficiency and energy conservation

The reason why fixed jaw crusher is so efficient is that the structural design of each jaw crusher parts are more scientific, and the operation is very stable and reliable. So,it can meet users' demand for production in a relatively short time. Thanks for reasonable design with smaller energy consumption, the recycled reasonable use of the remaining jaw crusher crushing force  can achieve the perfect crushing effect, thus achieving the goal of energy saving.

-High yield

The production capacity of fixed jaw crusher plants is 315-500t/h and the production range can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual production demand. The production capacity can be 315t/h under the conventional production state and 500t/h under the ideal state, which is higher than the output of ordinary limestone crusher machines.

-Large crushing ratio

The crushing ratio is an important evaluation index for measuring the fixed jaw crusher machine. The crushing ratio of the fixed jaw crusher machine is the ratio of the raw material size to the accuracy of the finished product. It indicates the extent to which the raw material is reduced after crushing. After the ore is crushed, the particle size becomes smaller. Hongxing Machinery fixed jaw crusher has fine finished products, which leads to a large crushing ratio.

The comparison between CJ Euro Jaw Crusher and Fixed Jaw Crusher

Materials and Application

A fixed jaw crusher is used for coarsely crushing the hardest rocks like limestone, pebble, basalt, granite, quartz, tailings, slag and ores. It is also applied in the mining industry, building materials, infrastructure engineering, metallurgy, cement, water conservancy, hydropower, expressway, high-speed railway, passenger transport line, bridge, airfield runway, municipal engineering.

Fixed Jaw Crusher Technical Specifications

Type Feeding opening size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Total power(kw) Discharging size
CJ Euro Jaw Crusher
90-200 60-300
HD German Type Jaw Crusher
55-160 45-225
PEX Jaw Crusher
15-55 18-90
PE Jaw Crusher
5.5-355 10-350

Differences between usually Fixed Jaw Crusher and CJ Series of Euro Jaw Crusher

General fixed Jaw crushers  and CJ Series of Euro jaw crushers both belong to compound swinging fixed jaw crushers. Although they are all different types of jaw crusher, the design of the jaw crusher machines are quite different. The CJ Euro Jaw crusher is the most advanced fixed jaw crusher nowadays no matter what demands on noise, environmental protection, production efficiency, etc. Besides, the PEX is also quite different from PE jaw crusher because the first one is often used in secondary crushing while the PE Jaw crusher always in primary crushing process.

teamed up with cone crusher to improve producivity

-Lubricating Devices

Jaw crusher adopts the way of manual lubricating while the device of Euro jaw crusher is centralized hydraulic lubrication. As a standard device of Euro jaw crusher, the centralized hydraulic lubricating device makes lubrication of bearing more convenient and highly efficient. So based on the customers' demands and outstanding capacity itself, a lot of jaw crusher manufacturers choose to produce more CJ Euro jaw crushers.

-Adjustment Methods

The two stationary jaw crushers working in two different ways.  For example, the jaw crusher machines adopt the adjustment method of dash adjusting and CJ Series of Euro Jaw Crusher uses wedges to adjust the discharge opening of crusher. In the jaw crusher, a set of dashes of the same thickness are placed between the adjustment sent and the back wall of the frame to adjust the size of discharging outlet by increasing or decreasing the number of dash layers. This method can achieve multi-levels of adjustment and the compact structure of equipment and reduce its weight to make sure that the equipment can not run during the adjusting process.

CJ Series Euro Jaw Crusher makes use of the relative motion of two wedges on each side between the adjustment sent and the back wall of the frame to realize the adjustment discharge port. The front wedge can move back and forth and combines the toggle plate to form the adjustment sent. The back wedge can be seen as the adjusting wedge and it can move up and down. The surfaces of these two wedges are connected opposite and the size of discharge port can be adjusted by using the screw stem to move the wedges up and down. Since this design can help customer adjust once and it is unnecessary to stop the equipment, this kind of crusher is simple, convenient, intelligent, time-saving and highly-efficient.

The yield of these fixed jaw crusher machines varies a lot. According to customers' different requirements, there is also small jaw crusher manufactured by HXJQ Machinery, and the yield of small jaw crusher ranges from 1-3TPH.

-Ways to Fix Bearing Sent

Jaw crusher connects the bearing sent and the frame by welding and its service life is short; for CJ Series of Euro Jaw Crusher, the whole steel frame of bearing sent and the frame are connected through the screw bolt to ensure them work well with each other, increasing the radial strength of bearing and extending the service life. Besides, this kind of concrete jaw crushers are the most advanced jaw crusher plants nowadays.

-All of them called jaw crusher machines, so what’re the differences among them?

Now, people have been familiar with the power and advantages of the CJ Euro jaw crusher equipment. But what're the differences among others like HD German jaw crushers, PEX jaw crushers and PE jaw crushers? Firstly, the different levels of technology adopted by these jaw crusher equipment. The most advanced is CJ Euro jaw crusher equipment then HD, PEX, PE.  PE is the oldest type of jaw crushe equipment that can only be used in the primary crushing process, and HD German jaw crushers are more advanced than the PE jaw crushers but it is still used in primary crushing process. Even though most jaw crushing machine are used in primary crushing process, they also have many differences like working capacity, efficiency, downtime processing ability, service life, etc.

Why Fixed Jaw Crusher

Fixed jaw crusher equipment is widely used in different areas such as gold mining, concrete processing, construction waste recycling so that people also call it concrete jaw crusher and gold jaw crusher. Besides, to a certain extent, fixed jaw crusher attracts people by its low price and different models such as mini or small jaw crushers, middle-sized and large-sized stationary jaw crushers. Moreover, it can be customized by manufacturers according to actual demands even suitable for homemade because some rock crusher jaws are easy to buy for customers. In light of the rock crusher machines with low price, small crusher plants are suitable for those production lines with little investment and low requirements for production. For those energy-saving and environmentally-friendly production lines with a large scale and high production capacity, fixed jaw crusher is a good choice for it is highly-efficient, environmentally-friendly and easy to operate and maintain.

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