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Impact Rock Crusher

Generally, Hongxing Machinery impact rock crusher is the abbreviation of rock crusher, which also calls VSI (vertical shaft impact crusher) impact rock crusher, impact crusher, limestone crusher, impact crushing machine, etc. The impact rock crusher is generally used as a secondary crushing device and can process materials with a side length of 100 to 500 mm, and its compressive strength can be as high as 350 MPa as well as the medium and fine crushing, which can crush many different materials.

Fixed Jaw Crusher

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Flexible replacement and low loss

The hammer can be installed and disassembled with special tools, the replacement time is short, and the overall loss of the equipment is small.


Durable wearing parts and large output

The wearing part of impact rock crusher is full of high quality, so it has the long service life, and the output of crusher is larger.


Crush materials with large water content

The impact rock crusher can be equipped with heaters for the feeding chute and counter-plate device to prevent the material with large water content from entering the machine cavity.


Unique discharging method

The adjustment of product size can be controlled by adjusting the rotor speed or rotor diameter, and adjusting the size of the feeder opening.

impact rock crusher

impact rock crusher

impact rock crusher

impact rock crusher

impact rock crusher

  • impact rock crusher
  • impact rock crusher
  • impact rock crusher
  • impact rock crusher
  • impact rock crusher

What is an impact rock crusher machine?

A stone crusher is used to crush various rock materials with high hardness such as concrete and limestone. Therefore, many stone crusher can be named according to the raw materials crushed by them. For example, there are concrete crusher, rock crusher, limestone crusher, etc. HXJQ has named these stone crushers according to their mode, performance, yield, shape, etc.

People enjoy the feature with large crushing ratio, no tension and cracks, durable wearing parts and large output. The most important thing is that the size of the discharge can be adjusted and the crushing specifications are diversified. 

Under normal circumstance, the impact rock crushers of Hongxing Machinery use high wear-resistant materials and the best crushing chamber, being of excellent performance, which is very suitable for crushing all kinds of soft, medium hard ore, coarse materials. The stone rock crusher is also applied in refractory materials and ceramics, road construction, water conservancy projects, building stone works and so on.

The impact rock crusher is both used in both primary and secondary applications for maximizing throughput of raw materials a lot, and pre-screening is available to maximize productivity.

What is the difference between impact crusher and cone crusher?

-Impact rock crushers vs Cone crushers

Normally speaking, the impact rock crusher is suitable for crushing medium-hardness materials, the toughness materials, and brittle materials. The grain model has fewer corners, the pre-purchase cost is low, and the maintenance cost is high. What's more , impact rock crusher has more noise pollution and dust pollution than a cone crusher. While, the cone crusher is required to break the hard material, of which the needle shapes are more. The cost in the early stage is low, the input cost is low, and the pollution is smaller than the impact crusher.

Diffierent working principle of cone crusher and impact rock crusher

-Impact crusher vs Jaw crusher

What's the differences between impact crusher and jaw crusher? The jaw crusher can crush all kinds of soft and hard materials, the compressive strength is between 300-350Mpa, and the impact crusher is suitable for crushing medium hardness materials, if the material is tough, it will cause great damage to the consumables and shorten the service life.

We know that the jaw crusher for sale has flywheels and sheaves, so what is the role of the flywheel? The main function of flywheels is to balance the weight of the sheave, followed by the storage of energy.

Compared with the jaw crusher, the transmission part (spindle, sheave) of the impact crusher is installed at a relatively lower position, which has a good stabilizing effect on the body.

Secondly, the rotor of the impact rock crusher is very heavy, much larger than the weight of the flywheel, so that the transmission of the single flywheel has little effect on the smoothness of the crusher machines.

Additionally, both the impact rock crusher and the hammer crusher use high-speed impact to crush the material, and the impact crusher and hammer crusher are not only similar in shape, but also have a rotor structure. Therefore, many people think that there is no difference between the two types of crushing equipment.

The comparison of fixed jaw crusher and impact rock crusher

How many types of impact rock crusher are there in Hongxing Machinery?

Hongxing company mainly has the impact rock machines including the normal version of impact rock crusher, VSI vertical shaft impact crusher, HD German version and HX , CI series and other types. The CI series is a new type of ones,  which adopts excellent impact rock crusher technology at home and abroad. For the different applications, the rotor and crushing chamber type refining equipment, a large number of new high wear-resistant materials are used, and the equipment performance and processing capacity are greatly improved. The HX series are the best choice for industries such as building aggregates and construction waste recycling.

What is the impact rock crusher process flow diagram?

-The impact Rock crusher equipment process

The impact rock crusher designed by Hongxing Machinery can be made up into the whole crushing production line which composed of vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen, etc. It is  able to  process large production materials, like the 4043t and 5256t impact crushers.

-The impact rock crusher working principle

When the power of impact rock crusher is turned on, the rotor in the crusher is driven by the motor to start high-speed rotation. The aggregate is thrown from the high speed into the cavity of impact rock crusher, and the rotor is violently impacted, then the material is impacted by the rotor. It is thrown toward the counterattack along the tangential direction of the rotation of the rotor, after that, it bounces back from the counter plate to the space of rotation of the rotor to receive the second impact, and then throws it to the second counterattack.

After the material is subjected to the repeated impact and rebound of the rotor and the counterattack plate, cracks will be generated along the self-joining joint surface, and the internal structure will be loosened and broken by the impact. The material particles that meet the crushing specifications will be discharged outside the reserved gap which is between the rotor and the counterattack plate.

-Impact crusher settings

An impact rock crusher can adjust the discharging granularity in a variety of ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the clearance between the counterattack and the plate hammer (top bolt adjustment device), etc. The European version of the impact rock crusher through the addition or reduction of the gasket in the lower part to adjust the distance between the block counterattack and the plate hammer.

The European version of the impact rock crusher can adjust the distance between the third counterattack and the plate hammer. through adding or reducing gaskets in the lower part.

Adjusting the gap between the counter frame and the rotor frame can achieve the purpose of changing the particle size and shape of the material. The first and second counter-attacks pass through the top screw adjustment device, and if there is a third counter-attack plate (European version counter-break), the gasket is adjusted.

-Water content requirement of impact rock crusher machine

The feed chute of  the impact rock machine and the counter-attack plate can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the material from being bonded, thus the material with a large water content can be broken, thus the clogging phenomenon is less likely to occur.

Impact rock crusher has refinement design of the rotor and cavity type, speed and power are reasonably matched to meet the different application options of coarse crushing, medium fine crushing and material recovery. The solid heavy-duty rotor structure improves the processing capacity and crushing ratio of the equipment; the high-quality welded structure ensures the crusher machines can withstand the huge impact and get a good crushing effect.

Impact rock crusher is also known for its ship-type hammer, reliable locking structure, good impact strength and wear resistance and stable discharge size. Besides, the new high-abrasion materials just as brittle rocks, limestones, cobblestones, gold mine, copper, etc., are used in large quantities to reduce the wear of wear parts, extend the replacement cycle, and save costs.

The stone crusher is equipped with a variety of case locking devices to improve safety performance while reducing labor intensity; optional third counter-attack frame to make the product grain shape more excellent.

-The wearing parts of impact rock crusher

The wear part problem of the  hammer often refers to crushing the material, and its metal utilization rate can be as high as 45% - 48%. When crushing limestone, the impact rock hammer is not seriously worn.

Materials and Application of Impact Rock Crusher

The impact rock crusher can crush medium-hardness materials such as ores and rocks like Limestone, granite, river pebbles, iron ore, rock, construction waste, glass, cement clinker, and certain metal. Besides, the impact rock crushers are used in many fields including gold and copper ore minging, quarrying, material building or constructrions as the secondary crushers.


Impact Rock Crusher Technical Specifications

Type Maximum Feeding Size (mm) Capacity (t/h) Total power(kw) Dimensions(L*W*H)(mm)
Normal version of impact rock crusher
37-710 2330*1660*2300-4400*3866*4009
CI series impact rock crusher
160-1000 2826*2087*2285-5151*4424*4712
HX series impact rock crusher
160-315 2216*2087*2285-5040*4424*4012

Our technical engineers are ready to help at any time

If you are not sure which kind of impact rock crusher is suitable for you, Hongxing staff can instruct you to choose the crushing machine.As mentioned above, the impact crushers have different modes, which leads to different yields. Our engineers will select a most suitable rock pulverizer according to customer's actual demands.We will try our best to satisfy your price budget of the product!

Welcome to visit Hongxing Machinery for your desirable rock crushers

The impact mill rock crusher is a crushing equipment full of high efficiency, which is produced by China Hongxing Machinery, and the crusher equipment also has passed the ISO9001 quality system of certification and is one of the 10 impact rock crusher manufacturers in China.  Here we have different type of impact rock crushers for rock no matter what is big or small. Welcome to buy impact rock crusher or acquire the latest quote of stone crushers price, we will serve for you enthusiastically!

Additionally, China Hongxing company is a professional manufacturer of various large-scale mining equipment. The Hongxing crusher machine for sale is sold directly to all parts of the country and it has many distributors.The scale of the manufacturers is large, the quality is guaranteed, and the after-sales service is good. At present, there are many types of impact crushers here. You can tell us the materials, production requirements, ideal price and requirements for finished products. Our professional technicians will design the production line for you immediately, and give the quotation. All employees of the Hongxing company are looking forward to your visit to the factory!

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