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Impact Rock Crusher for Lime Plaster(NHL 3.5)

Limestone,a common non-metallic mineral with various purposes, which is a trading name for limestone as a mineral raw material.

In the history of human civilization, limestone is widely applied because of its wide distribution and easy access in nature. As an important building material, it has a long history of mining. In modern industry, limestone is a main raw material for the production of cement, lime and calcium carbide. It is also an indispensable flux limestone in the metallurgical industry. High-quality crushed limestone after ultrafine grinding is widely used in the manufacturing of paper, rubber, paint, paint, medicine, cosmetics, feed, sealing, bonding, polishing, and other products.

With the continuous advancement of science and technology, the application field of crushed limestone is being further broadened. Crushed limestone is not only an indispensable important raw material for cement and steel industry but also widely used in water ash, smelting, cement, chemical, power plant desulfurization, and papermaking industries, and it can be also used as a substitute for plastics to make tube villages and packaging materials.

As a new type of environmentally-friendly raw material, the crushed limestone market demand is increasing year by year. In recent years, the crushed limestone processing industry has gradually become hot, and its application has achieved considerable economic benefits.

Limestones have several practical functions

The market of crushed limestone

  • From the current demand for crushed limestone at home and abroad, the annual demand in the world tends to be about 1.2 billion tons, but 80% is for general use. In recent years, countries in the Asia-Pacific region have imported about 1.1 million tons of limestone from China each year because of insufficient domestic limestone resources in those countries. According to experts’ prediction, domestic demand for high-quality crushed limestone will increase by 250,000 tons per year and the Asia-Pacific region will increase by 300,000 tons per year.
  • From the domestic market, the rapid development of the western region, urbanization, and new rural construction have played a direct role in promoting the development of the metallurgical building materials industry, which will certainly stimulate the development of the metallurgical building materials industry. At the same time, a large number of national key projects have been carried out, so the crushed limestone demand will greatly increase.
  • From the international market, China’s limestone mineral resources are rich, accounting for more than 64% of the world’s total reserves. Due to the limited limestone minerals in most western countries, cement production and crushed limestone mineral resources have been restricted. Therefore, its dependence on Chinese crushed limestone has gradually increased, and the export market continues to be optimistic.
  • Judging from the resource situation, large limestone mines that are currently concentrated in China have been basically monopolized by large cement companies and metallurgical enterprises, and new resources are becoming less and less. In a sense, anyone who owns crushed limestone resources, he will possess the future cement and steel market.

Problems encountered in the mining process

  • Low resource utilization rate

At present, there are lots of crushed limestone mines being mined in China, but most of them are civilians. With the continuous expansion of enterprises’ scale, there are quite a few (including large and medium-sized enterprises) enterprises do not have self-operated mines. They are mainly engaged in the acquisition of mined limestone for production. In particular, some 2000t/d production lines that have been put into production in the past two years have also relied on the acquisition of limestone.

Civil crushed limestone generally has no mining design, which is indiscriminately excavated. According to the data, the utilization rate of the officially mined limestone has reached more than 90%, while the utilization rate of the civilian mining mountain resources is only 40%. Since the amount of civil mining is greater than the mechanized mining volume, the utilization rate of the entire limestone is estimated to be about 60%.

  • Low level of resource assurance and backward geological exploration work

According to the data records, it was in 1953 that China established a professional geological team, beginning limestone mining geological exploration. During the planned economy period, China made a geological survey of crushed limestone throughout the country and carried out geological exploration work for state-owned large and medium-sized cement enterprises. The state-owned large and medium-sized enterprises built before the 1980s have carried out formal geological exploration work on their mines.

After the mid-1980s, geological exploration work was carried out in a market-oriented manner, and mine owners should be paid for geological exploration work. However, many enterprises did not pay for geological work or simply geological work. After 2000, when some old companies expanded their mine reserves, they relied on the original geological report to extrapolate. All of the above reasons result in a lower level of resource assurance.

Mines without geological exploration work are still in operation

The future of limestone market

In the future, China’s cement industry aims to take a new road to industrialization and vigorously promote the development of new dry-process cement. By 2020, the proportion of new dry-process cement will reach up to 80%. This period will be the fastest and best period for the development of China’s cement industry. And crushed limestone resources will escort this goal.

Therefore, while advocating the progress of cement technology, cement workers must overcome the thought of attaching importance to crafts while ignoring mines. Besides, the mine owners should incorporate the technological progress of the mine into the overall planning of the technological progress of the enterprise and carry out overall planning for the development of the mine.

In addition, local governments at all levels should take active and effective measures to speed up the closure of some small enterprises with backward mining technology, small scale, serious dust pollution, and low resource utilization.

At present, some enterprises have adopted the ownership of mine resources and then using the tendering method to fund and construct and manage the mine professional team. The two sides agree on a reasonable commodity limestone price, which is also a win-win solution. In the future, large-scale mechanized mining is the best way to protect resources and make rational use of resources.

Customer case

A customer from Mexico wants to buy crusher machine to make lime plaster and our technician design a special production plan for him. The crusher machine is included in this production plan, namely, impact rock crusher. While this customer wants to buy the crusher machine from Mexico because of the distance problem. Our customer service explains that delivery time will be fast, and our engineers will install the crusher machine in person. Finally, he chose an impact rock crusher.

Feedback picture from our customer in Mexico

Our customer is very satisfied with Hongxing Machinery impact rock crusher

Some people may wonder why impact rock crushers are suitable to crush limestone, here are some reasons.

The advantages of impact rock crusher

The physical properties of limestone are low hardness and high brittleness. And the limestone has low silicon content and low abrasiveness. Therefore, limestone crushing is relatively easy and the production cost is relatively low. Depending on the different application, limestone needs to be crushed into particles with different sizes, which requires the use of a limestone crusher.

Good crushing results can be achieved with the right process configuration and equipment selection. In combination with the principle of “breaking more and less grinding” in the limestone production line, it is necessary to produce the best particle size in the stage of crushing limestone. Therefore, HXJQ Crusher impact rock crusher is the most suitable for the limestone production line.

Besides, Hongxing impact rock crusher has a unique working mechanism and structural design features. In terms of performance characteristics, the impact rock crusher has obvious technical advantages compared with the hammer crusher: it has the advantages of small volume, large processing capacity, etc.

In actual production, the impact crusher is also the main crusher machine in the limestone crushing production line. The crushing characteristics of the impact rock crusher are remarkable: the discharge granularity is uniform, the discharge is cubic, the fine powder and dust content are low, effectively treating the material with large moisture content.

Hongxing Machinery impact rock crusher

Many advantages are embodied in Hongxing Machinery impact rock crusher

The crushing effect of the impact rock crusher on the material mainly includes the following processes: firstly, the free crushing stage. The material enters the crushing chamber and immediately impacted by the high-speed hammer. The friction between the crushing chamber causes the material in the crushing chamber to be crushed, and at the same time, the counter-attack plate will be rushed at a high speed.

After the material collides with the counter-attack plate, it will be rebounded back to the action area of the hammer and re-impacted by the hammer. This will be repeated until the raw materials are crushed into the desired particle size. In the selection of materials, the material with relatively high hardness is not suitable to crush by the impact rock crusher because the hammer loss is relatively large.

Price for Hongxing Machinery impact rock crusher for sale

HXJQ China impact rock crushers have different modes, some are high-yield while some are not. The price will reply on the crusher machine yield. Contact us, we will give the price list according to your requirements.