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Semi-portable Crusher

By means of rich industry experience and profound knowledge, Hongxing Machinery is committed to providing comprehensive semi-portable crushing (also known as tire mobile crusher) machine.


Quick and easy particle size adjustment

It adopts the hydraulic discharging with an adjustment device.

Flexible combination and adaptability

It is composed of “first screening then crushing” process.

Reliable performance and easy maintenance

These crushing plants are optimized and strengthened instantly.

Reduce products transportation cost

The portable rock crusher is equipped with some wheels, which is convenient for operating.

Portable crusher equipment

Portable crusher equipment

Portable crusher equipment

Portable crusher equipment

Portable crusher equipment

  • Portable crusher equipment
  • Portable crusher equipment
  • Portable crusher equipment
  • Portable crusher equipment
  • Portable crusher equipment

Explore the mysterious world of semi-portable crusher

-The detailed description of semi-portable crusher machine

The semi-portable crusher has strong mobility, simple and flexible operation. Besides, it can also easily process various products such as slag, granite, limestone, and rock to smash the material to the desired effect. These semi-mobile crushers are highly appreciated by customers due to their long life and stable construction. The mobile tire crusher is made of excellent products with advanced technology. Above all, the mobile crusher plant also has high quality, reasonable price, high output, and wide application range. These kinds of rock crusher plants are even highly praised by users at home and abroad, and the market response is particularly good.

The Hongxing company series semi-portable crusher for sale is suitable for the crusher machine of natural rock with various hardness and the reprocessing of construction residues. The portable rock crusher has outstanding output and many advantages including low cost, environmental protection, equipment integrity, versatility and  high- quality products. While the significant advantage of the semi-portable crusher for sale is that it saves the cost of infrastructure construction, and the crusher machine can be directly opened to the working site for operation, being full of smooth discharge, high efficiency and energy saving, to meet the diversified needs of customers.

-Classification of semi-portable crusher plant

The semi-mobile/portable rock crusher for sale developed by Hongxing Machinery can be extended to a wheeled mobile crushing plant. While the full mobile crusher can be stretched to a crawler type mobile crushing plant.

The on-site case of semi-portable crusher in Indonesia

-Main application of semi-portable/mobile crusher machine

For example, the productivity of semi-/portable/mobile crushers in Indonesia is 85~650 tons per hour.

  • Feeding particle size: ≤800mm
  • Production capacity: 85-650t/h
  • Weight: 39-65t
  • Semi-mobile/portable cone crusher
  • Feed size and production capacity: depending on the process.
  • Weight: 34.5-41t

In general, the finished products size of various materials depends on the production capacity of the semi-mobile rock crusher. Therefore, the product size should be determined according to the type and performance of the crusher machine.

-Classification of semi-portable crusher or mobile rock crusher

The semi-mobile/portable crusher developed by Hongxing Machinery can be extended to a wheeled mounted mobile crushing plant. While the full mobile crusher can be stretched to a crawler type mobile crushing plant. China Hongxing crushers are for sale, you can choose the desirable one.

How does the semi-portable crusher work?

-Working principle of semi-mobile rock crusher

First, the materials will be transported by the feeding machine, which is ideal for truck loading. Secondly, put materials into the hopper. The feeder at the bottom of the hopper is used to deliver the materials to the mobile rock crushing system at a controlled rate. After the crushing process, the materials are deposited on a feed conveyor below the crusher and conveyed to a downstream conveyor system for further processing. The semi-portable crusher machine composed of a mobile module that allows it to track the exploration of the mining.

The structure chart of semi-portable crusher

Semi-portable crusher plant is full of high quality, excellent performance, and flexible function

During the ore processing, to raise the crushing efficiency and output, reduce the fine particle size, achieve high production and low consumption has always been the direction of energy conservation for ore beneficiation. At the same time, the efficiency improvement of pre-selection technology and sorting technology is expected to further reduce the fine particle size, which is the huge development space for mobile crusher machine manufacturers. Besides, China's crushing performance of equipment, especially the tire mobile crusher(wheeled mounted crusher/semi-portable crusher) and foreign countries still have a certain gap, Hongxing Machinery has strengthened the research and development of portable rock crusher for the development of the industry.

-Superior cavity design of semi-portable crusher/rock mobile crusher machine

This kind of portable rock crushers adopt the cavity design of symmetrical V-shaped, the large inclination angle of the bracket, the large stroke, and the reasonable rotation speed. These characteristics make the feeding particle size larger, the output higher, and the particle size more uniform. More importantly, the abrasion of the raft is also reduced. In a word, semi-portable crusher machine is designed according to customers' aesthetic point.

-How to check the semi-portable crusher machine?

The semi-portable crusher machine should be lubricated regularly as required. large rock crusher such as hydraulic cone crusher machine or fixed jaw crusher machine mostly uses a forced lubrication system. However, small and medium-sized rock crusher like semi-portable crushing machine for sale is mainly lubricated with grease and lubricating oil regularly

If there is excessive noise or vibration in the portable crushing plant's operation process, it should be stopped quickly to check and eliminate the fault.

If the quality and productivity of the portable crusher machine is not normal during working operation, there will be failures that influence the quality of finished products.

Materials and Application of Semi-portable Crusher

Semi-portable crusher(tire mounted crusher plant) can adopt jaw crusher/impact crusher/cone crusher as the core rock crusher machine, so it is particularly suitable for crushing hard rock, such as taconite, granite, dark rock, corundum, quartz, etc. The semi-portable crusher can lower the chassis, reduce the weight and volume of the plant, and make it easy for turning and transportation. Hongxing semi-portable / portable crusher is widely used in large metallurgical, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy, chemical industry, and many other sectors.

Semi-portable Crusher Technical Specifications

Type Maximum Length(mm) Maximum Width(mm) Maximum Height(mm) Capacity(tph)
semi-portable cone crusher
4700-5800 100-350
semi-portable jaw crusher
4100-5300 85-650
semi-portable impact crusher
5100-5200 70-280

The advantages of semi-portable crusher machine

-Quick and easy particle size adjustment

For example, the Hongxing Machinery CJ series jaw crusher adopts hydraulic discharging with an adjustment device, and the double-wedge adjustment mode is simpler, safer and faster than the gasket adjustment device, which saves downtime a lot.

Semi-portable crusher (Wheel-type mobile crusher/simple rock crusher) has a high base plate. Whether for site transporting or for moving, it always needs the semi-trailer for traction. And the small turning radius makes it easier to drive on the flat places flexibly and does not damage the road surface. In a word, wheel-type mobile crusher is mostly used in flat quarry or construction site.

-Convenient mobility of semi-portable rock crusher

The semi-mobile rock crusher plant has the characteristics of free movement, flexible transition, and convenient operation. It does not cause damage to the road surface, what’s more, the raw materials do not need to be transported, and the crusher just needs a small occupation area.

Even in the winter, the wheeled mounted crusher does not slip easily, and there is no need to make the piling(Pile Driving is to sink piles into the deep ground to offer an extremely stable foundation for the building above), and the requirements for the working site are not high. The PW series tire /wheeled mobile crushing plant has a short length. Besides, different mobile crushing plants are installed on separate portable chassis. The wheelbase is short and the turning radius is small, which can be flexibly driven on ordinary roads and working areas.

-Integrated motor installation

The rock crushing machine adopts an integrated group operation mode and can work independently. This advantage eliminates the complex site infrastructure of the split components and the integration of the crushing machinery, the combination is reasonable and compact.

The integrated installation of the motor base and the mobile rock crusher frame not only saves the installation space of the jaw crusher, reduces the length of the V-belt, but also realizes the synchronous movement of the frame, the motor base and the motor, and the adjustable motor base. The adjustment of the tension of the V-belt makes the V-belt last longer.

The semi-mobile rock crusher can both use the electric power and oil to drive the portable rock crusher plant, even in bad weather.

-Reduce material transportation costs

PE series semi-portable/mobile crushing machien can process materials on-site without having to bringing the materials away from the site for further processing, which greatly reduces the transportation rock crusher cost of materials.

-Flexible combination and adaptability

PW series wheeled mobile crushing plant can be composed of “first crushing then screening” according to different crushing process requirements and mobile screens, or the portable rock crusher plant can be composed of “first screening then crushing” process. According to actual needs, the portable machinery can be separated into the two-stage crushing and screening system between coarse crushing and fine crushing. In addition, the system can also be combined into three-stage crushing and screening system among the coarse crushing, medium crushing, and fine crushing, and the semi-portable crusher can also be operated independently with great flexibility.

-Reliable performance and easy maintenance

Zhengzhou Hongxing semi-mobile crushing products are famous for their excellent performance and high reliability. The main mobile rock crushers of mobile crushing plants all use these excellent products. These products are optimized and strengthened instantly, with higher strength, better performance and more compact structure.

The semi-portable crushing station covers a small area, less investment, integrated unit equipment installation form, eliminates the complex site infrastructure installation, saves a lot of infrastructure and relocation costs, covers an area of 1 / 20 of the traditional production line, and the investment is the traditional 1 / 2.

Semi-portable rock crusher/mobile crusher plant for sale

For instance, whether you are looking for a wheeled mounted cone crusher, impact crusher, jaw crusher or other portable rock crushers, Hongxing Machinery offers several plans that can help you effectively choose the right crushing machine. You can browse popular models from top manufacturers like Hongxing Machinery wheel mounted crushers and others. We will design a special production line that meets your demand. And high yield semi-portable crusher will lead to a higher price. The price of Hongxing Machinery semi-portable rock crusher relies on your yield requirement.You can consult salesman about Hongxing' current mobile crushing plant price and inventory, and see what semi-portable crushers are for sale around you.

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