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200t/h Portable Aggregate Jaw Crusher Trailed for Quartz

HD portable Aggregate jaw crusher trailed is a set of crushing equipment used for primary crushing, actually, Hongxing energy-saving and environmentally friendly HD mobile aggregate jaw crushing station, also known as jaw aggregate moving crushing station or portable rock crusher, is a new product launched by China Hongxing according to the changing market demand and environmental factors.

Aggregate jaw crusher plant

Aggregate jaw crusher machine has the advantages of low cost, high efficiency, and excellent performance.

The mobile jaw crushing machines are assembled on a trailer frame. The aggregate jaw crusher trailed are operated through the belt drives, and this aggregate mobile crusher plant is driven by a diesel engine or an electric motor. On the basis of the original HD portable aggregate jaw crusher, the diesel engine is only responsible for driving the mobile jaw crusher trailed and the stretching and folding of crushing equipment, connecting the external power supply after the equipment arrives at the site, electrically driving the crushing main engine, feeder, belt conveyor, iron remover and so on.

The output is high, the performance is good, the energy consumption is low, the emission is less, the logistics transportation is more direct and effective, and the cost of stone crusher is maximized and reduced.

The characteristics of portable aggregate jaw crusher plant

Advantages of mobile jaw crusher

  • Main aggregate crusher plant for non-welded structure.
  • Large dip angle crushing cavity and the best occlusal angle, production capacity increased by 25%.
  • Hydraulic adjustment of discharging port.
  • The feeding system can be customized according to the customer’s on-site working conditions.
  • Compact design is convenient for special field and transportation. Strong and efficient diesel engine-direct drive.
  • A wireless remote control operation, which can reduce the number of equipment operators
  • The walking system is controlled by the load sensitive pump proportional valve group, which can realize automatic deviation correction and wireless variable speed when walking.
  • The complete vehicle can be equipped with an optional PLC control system to ensure an intelligent product when providing effective output.

In addition, portable jaw crushing equipment is very easy to transport. This machine is flexible to be driven, that driving concept ensures that even if the work-site is transferred, the stone crusher plant can be carried out smoothly. Portable aggregate jaw crusher has a huge screening machine with large screening area (selection), even the aggregate size of quartz is small, it can also be efficiently screened by mobile jaw crushers.

The larger clearance between the ground and the ground is easy to load the equipment, and the final screening machine can be transported separately with the help of the hanging system.

Material applications of stone crusher machine for sale:

The portable aggregate jaw crusher can crush all kinds of natural stone and aggregate with medium and high hardness, such as limestone, river pebbles, granite, basalt, etc., construction waste (gravel, road concrete, reinforced concrete) It can also be used for the processing of building residues. They can ensure first-class product quality and ideal material flow.

  • Feeding port size: 930*580
  • Maximum feed: 180mm
  • Feeding port adjustment range: 60-175mm
  • Main motor power: 90kw 150

China Hongxing, manufacturer of aggregate quartz crushing equipment

Aggregate jaw crusher for quartz

When it comes to aggregate, that is quartz, the mining jaw crusher manufacturers who make aggregate quartz crushers must be the most familiar about it. Quartz is a kind of mineral resource with relatively stable chemical properties, which has a variety of colors. Most of them are colorless, white, yellow, pink, black and so on. The types of quartz include quartz, chlorite, white quartz and yellow quartz. It has good brittleness, thermoelectricity, piezoelectric, and pollution-free properties. In a word, quartz is a new green and environmental building material.

Aggregate Mobile Jaw Crushing Plant opens a New era of Resource Recycling

Aggregate mobile jaw crushing plant often refers to the whole set of mobile crushing equipment mainly of jaw crusher. Generally, mobile stone jaw crushing station is equipped with appropriate feeders and conveyors on the basis of jaw crusher on the original model, and the generator set can realize the free combination.

Construction waste treatment

The relationship between aggregate mobile jaw crushing plant and treatment of construction waste

The purpose of mobile jaw crusher machine is to eliminate the obstacles brought by crushing site and environment to customers, adapt to the development demand of modern crushing industry to the maximum extent, improve production efficiency and play an important role in railway, highway and urban construction.

When it comes to mobile jaw crushing equipment, stone jaw crusher manufacturers often think of construction waste. With the development of modern economy and technology, the number of urban construction projects is gradually increasing, and the combination of demolition and construction needs to be more perfect.

In large cities, the demolition of buildings and roads will produce large construction waste, most of which are concrete blocks and bricks and tiles, which are stacked around the city in many places, not only occupying land resources, affecting surface vegetation, but also causing pollution to the surrounding areas.

In fact, after crushing and processing, these materials can be made into no-firing brick, or sand, or mixed with concrete, can achieve the purpose of resource recycling. But most construction projects take into account the cost of such treatment and still transport construction waste to the suburbs for stacking or filling.

In order to deal with the construction waste, we must refer to the crushing treatment, which is not realistic in the construction and crushing production line of the urban construction project, and the garbage can be transported to the crushing production line for processing and then the transportation is not cost-effective.

As a result, the mobile crushing station has made an appearance here, the mobile crushing station minimizes the impact of the site on the crushing process, and the small-scale mobile crushing station is sufficient to meet the crushing items of several buildings.

The powerful crushing capacity of the crusher is also called the best choice of construction waste treatment. This is also the power of the stone crushing equipment manufacturers in recent years to develop and develop the mobile crushing equipment. And the working efficiency of the mobile jaw crusher is improved.

Construction case of quartz stone crushing plant

our customer's production spot

  • Site situation:Malaysia
  • Material type: Quartz, granite
  • Hardness: 6.5
  • Energy situation: The site has a stable power supply.
  • Customer requirements: Good mobility, large crushing ratio, high output, and continuous operation for more than 20 hours per day.
  • Recommended solutions based on customer needs
  • Machine type: HD Mobile jaw crusher

China Hongxing machinery not only produces the above four types of quartz crushing equipment but also produces roller crusher, mobile jaw crusher, portable rock crusher and other quartz crushing equipment. Hongxing Machinery will help customers choose the appropriate aggregate crusher equipment model according to the production status of the enterprise and the nature of quartz stone. Hongxing Machinery machine ensures that the quality of each equipment is in line with the requirements of customers, and the portable rock crusher price is also very reasonable and value for money.

Besides, the after-sales service of Hongxing company is also quite comprehensive, ensuring that it provides comprehensive and intimate services for customers. The contents of after-sales service include free door-to-door delivery, equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and so on.

If you want to put your project on the agenda, you can count on Hongxing Machinery for your desirable portable stone crushers price!