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Fixed Crusher

Generally, fixed crusher(also called stone pulverizer) is a type of rock equipment breaking material like ore, granite, gold mine, construction waste and so on, mainly used in metallurgy, chemistry, and mineral industries. There are a variety of fixed crushers in Hongxing company, such as jaw crusher machine, cylinder hydraulic cone crushers(also called gyratory crusher), impact rock crushers, hammer crushers, etc.

Fixed Crusher

Materials Application

A fixed crusher is designed to crush series of materials including gravel, granite, limestone, ore, gold mine, coal, river stone, aggregate in mineral industry, building material, highway, railway, hydro project and chemistry industry.


Fixed jaw crusher could reduce tough granite from various sizes down to 5-10mm, 10-20mmm, and 5-20mm


Limestone crushed to 5-10mm, 10-20mm and 5-20mm shows high industrial value and diverse availability

Gold mine

Fixed crusher could crush gold mine down to 5-10mm, 10-20mmm, and 5-20mm


Pile Driving

-What's Pile Driving?

Firstly, the pile driving needs a fixed crusher, then sink piles into deep ground to offer an extremely stable foundation for the building above. As a time-consuming and laborious engineering project, driving a pile requires a necessary test on the soil condition of pre-located spot at the first place in case that some unexpected problems (including pile damage )happen if the soil condition is found not to be ideal during operation, since soil condition is one of the elementary factors that significantly impacts the project.

-Why do we have to drive a pile for a fixed crusher?

A fixed crusher is a crushing equipment which cannot move down the road. In order to guarantee its performance and best safety in operation as well as preventing it from inclining, pile driving is a must-have. Additionally, some wearing parts of stone crushers, etc.will be worn off during crushing process, which could be effectively avoided if there is a pile driven prepared in advance. And Pile driving could keep down the noise and dust produced from an operating fixed crushers to the minimal level as well.

As far as installing a common fixed crusher is concerned, it's indispensable to take whether the operation site, environment and construction infrastructure could cooperate into consideration in advance. For example, if an open pit mining is about to be launched, what should be taken into account before driving a pile? For example, whether the operation terrain is flat, where the environment is green and be of safety, and where it's feasible to prepare some power supply facilities around. (Analysis of power investment is illustrated later in the chapter of 'Portable Rock Crusher')

Budget on a Fixed Crusher

When it comes to investing a fixed crusher, it often refers to the following factors: power supply and freight and maintenance cost, how much it will take on a stone crushing machine.

-Power supply and freight

Out of safety and performance, it's necessary to drive a pile which is a engineering project depending on the soil condition, the number of piles, construction expertise, rock crushing machines and labors needed. It commonly takes 6-10 days to drive a pile with 10m in depth. And several workers are required to make regular inspections on a fixed crusher during the operating work, its aim is to eliminate unanticipated glitches and save  its operating time, which we call manpower cost on a fixed crusher. Here comes a more specific chart regarding the total cost of driving a 10m*10m*10m (length*width*depth) pile as bellow:

Pile driver Material (concrete) Manpower Total amount
300RMB/m³ Number of workers*day*day's wage Pile drive +material +manpower
18,000RMB 300*1000=300000RMB 6*10*120RMB/d=7200RMB 325,200RMB (48508 Dollar)

Freight cost refers to the capital required for transporting raw materials by trucks coupled with cranes to the operating site for crushing and the end products generated from a series of process including crushing and screening to another spot for transaction.

-Factories influencing the price of a fixed crusher

How much is a fixed crusher? Whether stone crushers are cheap or not depends on its capacity, model, performance and manufacturer. Before you get started, you'd better learn more information about a stone crushing machinery. For example, what's the best materials making a crusher fixed blade so that the service life of the part can be prolong.

Product: Fixed crusher is a kind of versatile rocks machine with large series of models. The more premium and larger a fixed crusher is, the more it will take. Thus it's wise to figure out the exact requirements on end products and the features of raw material needing crushing before purchasing a fixed crushing machine.

Supplier: Other than retailers who are dedicated to supplying crushing equipment which is also called mining crushers, almost small-scale and large-scale stone crusher manufacturers also join the big party to make profits out of.

Market: To some degree, market always regulates the selling situation  of any kind of commodities through the demand and supply rule, so is the fixed crusher. When the demand on fixed crushers is greater than its supply, an obvious increase in the price will be noticed soon, and vice versa.


A fixed crusher is usually teamed up with series of side equipment to improve the efficiency and reliability of productivity, thus they are made up the whole crusher plant, and what are these side equipment?

Take a stationary stone crushing line with the capacity of 100t/h as an example, this line consists of more than fixed crushers and several kinds of side equipment like vibrating feeder and vibrating screen are also needed. A 100t/h stone crushing plant could be deployed through the following configurations:

Section 1 includes vibrating feeder, stone primary crusher, cone stone crushers, vibrating screen and sand washer. This section is a perfect option for processing relatively moist materials, for the feeding chute and impact plate could be equipped with heating machine to avoid materials from caking and clogging effectively.

teamed up with impact crusher to improve productivity

Section 2 contains vibrating feeder, stone primary crusher, hammer crusher, vibrating screen and sand washer. This option is capable of having materials shaped once for good, for the hammer crusher in this line contains rotors with hammer head, the most important working part. And the hammer head could be driven by the rotors rotating at a high speed to crush and reshape the materials coming into the crushing chamber.

teamed up with hammer crusher to improve productivity

Section 3 Hydraulic cone crusher is mainly composed of many parts, such as: feeder, chute, magnetic separator, cone crusher, wheels or crawlers, etc. Hydraulic cone crusher is the host part of crusher plant and it can be freely matched with single-cylinder cone, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone, full hydraulic cone and spring machines. Based on that, hydraulic cone crusher is featured in integrated design, compact structure, best quality and good performance,etc.

How to install a 100t/h stone crushing plant is determined by specific requirements.


No matter what kind of mining machine it is, it is supposed to get inspected and maintained after serving in an engineering project for as long as 20 hours, which means that each kind of crushing machine should be maintained once every 20 hours. In the case of a fixed crusher, its maintenance is mainly about overall maintaining and changeable wearing parts, including the purchase of several new pairs of wearing part backups, which constitute the main part of maintenance cost. So, if you want to purchase a fixed plant crusher, apart from the after-market services that the manufacturer provide, you have to master some simple and easy maintenance skills about your stone crusher machine.

In order to ensure a fixed crusher to work smoothly all the time, the maintenance plans are recommended as following:

Light maintaining: light maintaining mainly refers to inspecting and adjusting, for example, adjusting the clearance of discharging opening and lubrication system of the machine, as well as changing worn-off wear parts such as liner plate.

Light maintenance should be done once half month or once monthly.

Regular maintaining: regular maintaining not only includes all the work of light maintaining, but also refers to getting pull rod, axle bush, toggle plate and other worn-off parts changed on the basis of a regular period.

Regular maintaining is supposed to be fulfilled once one year.

Super maintaining: super maintaining (thorough maintaining) is primarily regarding inspecting and maintaining the fixed crusher as a whole so as to update each of spare parts even achieve the technological innovation of a fixed crushing machine.

How often a super maintenance should be done depends on the daily performance and inspection of machine, which says there is not a certain frequency on deploying a thorough maintenance.

Where Does a Fixed Crusher Work Best?

With the prerequisite of pile driving, a fixed crusher is chiefly used in various mining sites where terrain is flat and power supply is the last thing to worry about. A wide range of stationary crushing plants could be working normally in accordance with diversely complicated requirements when crushing of a stone.

Moreover, a fixed crusher is not only a qualified assistant playing a positive part in a long-period engineering  project implemented in the bad environment, but also a one-in-hundred weapon for a mining starter, which can be supported by its two unique features. On one hand, it doesn't take much time and investment to maintain a fixed crusher with a simple structure, which could spare users from concern, on the other hand, some glitches even downtime don't happen on condition that a fixed crusher is operated as instructed, which guarantees machine's steady performance and saves a great deal of operating cost.

How to Make a Fixed Crusher Friendly to Environment?

Environmental law, also known as environmental and natural resources law, is a collective term describing the network of treaties, statutes, regulations, common and customary laws addressing the effects of human activity on the natural environment. The core environmental law regimes address environmental pollution. A related but distinct set of regulatory regimes, now strongly influenced by environmental legal principles, focusing on the management of specific natural resources, such as forests, minerals, or fisheries. --Wikipedia

The issue of environment protection in mineral industry has been on the table. And more and more companies engaged sandstone business have been shut down owing to severe environmental pollution, which reveals that a fixed stone crusher could bring users long-term benefits one the basis of eco-friendly. Then how to make a fixed crusher friendly to environment? The code could be cracked in terms of keeping down dust and noise.

  • Strengthening the tightness of the machine itself. There are two methods of drying oil and water to enhance the tightness of a fixed crusher to prevent dust from entering. These ways ensure the lubricating oil to remain clean and extend the service life of the sliding bearing to enable the machine to demonstrate a reliable performance.
  • Generator-driven power supply, which is a great way to avoid air pollution generated from diesel fuel consumption.
  • Dust-removal device. The devices equipped in a fixed crusher hardly cause any kind of damage and pollution to the environment without affecting the whole crushing processing.
  • Humidifier and sprayer adoption. After a long-period operating of a fixed crusher, a great amount of fine dust is flying around, whilst adding several humidifiers and sprays does minimize the dust concentration.
  • Noise-isolation cover. It's not impossible to turn down the noise to 20-30dB(A), if the noise-isolation cover is reasonably designed and implemented in the overall structure of a fixed crusher.
  • Combination of ventilator and muffler. In order to guarantee a proportionate temperature inside the noise-isolation cover and not to influence the service life of a fixed crusher, it is designed with a ventilator of which the air vent is equipped with a muffler to avert noise leaking.
  • Vibrating-proof base. The noise could be kept down by 15-25dB(A) for a fixed crusher assembled on a vibrating-proof base.
  • All in all, These products are designed to increase the service life of some crushers produced by Hongxing manufacturers and to enhance after-sales service.

How to Choose a Suitable Fixed Crusher in Terms of Capacity?

From the data collected on capacities required on fixed crushers by clients achieving agreements with HXJQ (a manufacturer in China) from 1995-2018, the most popular capacities are discovered to fall on three-different-kind numbers separately which are referred to 'small', 'medium' and 'big' in the following contents.

  • 'Small' refers to the capacities of 1-30t/h and 50-100t/h. The reasons why fixed crushers with these two kinds of capacities are popular among a large variety of choices could be illustrated in an example of a fixed jaw crusher which is usually taken as an ideal option for mining starters.
  • Steady function. The rigid frame enables this kind of stonecrusher to work under strong pressure, and its jaw plates and eccentric shaft made of high manganese steel as well as bearings made of special materials make sure that the machine stays stable, even in an extremely terrible environment.

    Easy operation. Unique discharging opening provides customers with a much simpler operation thanks to that the transportation and installation which have been thoroughly considered before pebble crusher comes into being.

    Less space required. With a self-contained structure with engines, it doesn't take too much space.

  • 'Medium' falls on 80-400 tons per hour. The medium part only accounts for the smallest proportion of sale volume of it from 1995-2018, because the majority of customers in need of 80-400t/h crushing machines are more inclined to spend money on movable stone crushers over fixed ones. This phenomenon is supposed to be attributed to the agility and versatility of a portable stone crusher.
  • 'Big' is on behalf of 500-2000t/h.Customers who tend to take a fixed jaw crusher with capacity of 500-2000t/h home mainly want to update the productivity of their original projects to make much more profits.

What Kind of Material does a Fixed Crusher Serve Best?

Feeding material is a process of delivering materials from the feeding opening into crushing chamber of a crushing machine. A fixed crusher machine is designed to reduce a large number of materials in large size, because its feeding opening could be adjusted in accordance with material sizes to greatly prevent oversize materials from clogging when fed into the chamber. Additionally, with a deep crushing cavity and big Reduction Ratio (Reduction Ratio is broadly defined as the ratio of the feed size to the product size in any crushing operation, which also says that the bigger the reduction ratios of a crusher is, the finer the end products coming out of it is), a fixed crusher unveils a high-efficient performance and is widely applied to crushing hundreds of materials such as limestone, gold mine, copper ore, pebbles, granite, coal, etc. Fixed crushers are the most popular among all kinds of fields of mining industry, and it can help people complment their project with the lowest cost and that other reason is that it suits for almost all kinds of materials.

How about the Process and Installation of a Fixed Crusher?

The complete installation of a fixed crusher mainly contains: preparing site—site design—equipment delivery—locating a spot for machine—pile driving—installation—soft operating (without materials) —soft operating (with materials).

Construction site
Site design
Select location
Test machine debugging
Feed material

Before purchasing a fixed crusher, a series of paperwork needs to be applied from local government and other relative departments to make the engineering project  legitimate, then locating a right place for that project, which is also followed by confirming final requirements and making a good budget according to budget lists shared above. Finally comes the trading part of selecting a worthwhile crusher supplier to cooperate with. After everything related to purchase is settled down, it's time to get the machine installed and tested, if none of glitches even breakdown happen during the period of testing, this engineering project is technically setting up.

Regarding of how long it will take to get a fixed crusher installed, a small fixed crusher is going to take approximately a whole week, a medium one is about a half month and a big one calls for around 1-2 months, thus running some real tests on the product you are going to buy in advance is undeniably a wise decision.

Fixed Crusher video


crusher installation site
initial stage of crushing line
beautiful crushing product
Test machine debugging
Mobile belt conveyor
large - scale crushing production line
two impact rock crushers working in India
vibrating feeder

Do fixed crushers or mobile rock crushers save money?

Many people want to know that what’s the differences between and fixed crushes and mobile stone crushers, including their production, service time, purchase price. Actually, it depends on different situations. Portable stone crushers maybe take more at its manufacturing process than the fixed crushes. But it do have a lot of advantages such as flexible movement, strong adaption for bad construction site. While if you have enough time and large-scale open site, the fixed crushers would be perfect for you because it save you a lot of money. So, you can hardly tell which type of concrete crushing equipment is best for you because it depends on what you need and your real situation.

Recommendation of Fixed Crusher Types

    internal structure of fixed jaw crusher
    test machine debugging
    large feeding opening
    raw ores with large size
    final crushing product
    Fixed Jaw Crusher
    Fixed Jaw Crusher
    Fixed Jaw Crusher
    Fixed Jaw Crusher
    Fixed Jaw Crusher

Fixed Jaw Crusher

It is a kind of primary crushing machine widely applied to  breaking gold mine, non-metallic ores  and aggregate . With the maximum capacity of 2200 tons per hour and large feeding opening, it is qualified to massively process fresh raw ore even in the size of 1500mm.

Besides, its jaw plate is made of high manganese steel which exposes great wearing resistance and reliability, thus enabling it to continuously crush coarse tough materials within 20 hours. A fixed jaw crusher commonly consists of three main parts, frame, jaw plate and side guard plate, and plays a crucial role in stone crushing plant and sand production line.

Materials: It is mainly used to crush all series of tough and soft minerals with compressive strength (Compressive Strength refers to the capacity of a material or structure to withstand loads tending to reduce size) of lower than 320Mpa including gravel, concrete, gold mine, river stone, blue stone, coal, granite, quartz and limestone. So, there is funny thing that pople sometimes name the crushers according to different materials, such as concrete crushers, coal crushers, lime crushers, granite crusher machine, gold mining stone crusher, ore crushers, quarry crushers, etc. And its maximal feeding size could reach 1500mm and discharging size could be adjusted between 10-400mm. There are different types of stone crusher, some of them are used in primary crushing, some are in secondary crushing and others are in tertiary crushing. The general differences of functions among these pulverizer are processing materials with differernt hardness, size, length and producing the various degree of partical shapes.

Pre-startup Checklist for a Fixed Jaw Crusher

Pre-startup Checklist
Condition Solution
Whether gear plates are worn off badly Replace them with new ones
Whether discharging opening is fitting Adjust it in time
Whether some gold  or non-metallic ores are left in crushing chamber Remove them out immediately
Whether link toggle is loosing Tighten it up
Whether boot caps on belt wheel and flying wheel remain intact Replace the boot caps with new ones
Whether the tightness of triangle belt and pull rod springs is appropriate Adjust them accordingly
Whether oil tank is full Refill it
Whether electrical equipment and signal systems are working properly Get them fixed prior to operate is a must-have

Jaw plate of the Primary Crushing Equipement

Jaw plates include fixed jaw plate and movable jaw plate. The fixed jaw plate is fasten to the frame, while the top of movable jaw plate is connected with eccentric shaft and the bottom is supported by thrust plate. As the easiest worn part, the quality of jaw plate has a lot to do with users' operating sale and long-term return on investment. And it's suggested to replace the jaw plate when its wear loss makes it by 3/5, according to which, at least a pair of jaw plate backups should be prepared in case, because the average operating life of a jaw plate is about 4 months.

Because the average operating life of a jaw plate is about 4 months. What kind of materials should be selected to build the jaw plates, one of the most important parts ? High manganese steel could be regarded as the most ideal material candidate, due to its great reliability and tenacity.

Technical Data

Capacity 1-2200t/h
Feed Size 120-1500mm
Discharge Size 10-350mm
Motor Power 5.5-355kw
Total Weight 0.8-139t
Rotation Speed of Eccentric Shaft 180-330r/min
    impact crusher working in Nigeria
    impact crusher working in Nigeria
    operational impact rock crusher
    crushing line of impact rock crusher
    impact rock crusher in secondary crushing
    Impact Rock Crusher
    Impact Rock Crusher
    Impact Rock Crusher
    Impact Rock Crusher
    Impact Rock Crusher

Impact Rock Crusher

Impact Rock Crusher is a type of crushing machine applied to metallurgy, gold mine, chemistry, building material and hydro project industry. With the capacity of 30-800t/h and maximal feeding size of 800mm, and it  is more suitable for secondary crushing on various materials, compared with a fixed jaw crusher with a bigger productivity and feeding size.

Additionally, this kind of stone pulverizer is mainly made up of frame, drive mechanism, rotor, toggle, hammer and others and could be divided into two variations: single-rotor type and dual-rotor type, based on the number of rotors.

Material: apart from many types of tough and soft materials, it is capable of reducing relatively moist materials such as river stone and coal.

Checklist for Soft Operating on an Impact Rock Crusher

Checklist for Soft Operating on Impact Crushers
Condition Solution
Whether some debris is left inside the machine Clean it up timely
Whether all of the spare parts are bolted well Fasten them up immediately
Whether bearing shaft is in good lubricating condition Rub more grease on it
Whether the clearance between liner plate and rotor reaches standard level Adjust it accordingly

Rotor of Impact Rock Crusher

It's mainly the rotor with hammed head that runs at a high speed to drive the stone pulverizer to work, thus the rotor has to be heavy enough to crush materials in large size and remain a stable performance, which is why the rotor is commonly made of high chromium gold with great impact resistance. It is also good at crushing materials like pebble, quartz, marble, and these pebble crushers perform pertectly to produce various size of particle shape.

Unstable working condition of rotor could result in unsteady performance of machine out of strong inertia and cause overload inside the machine with huge vibration, leading to overheat the shaft bearing, which definitely influences the uptime and service life.

Therefore, implementing the checklist thoroughly and taking a reasonable control of material feeding are both effective methods to make rotor perform well.

Technical Data

Capacity 30-550t/h
Feed Size 300-700mm
Max Feed Opening 1260*2040mm
Motor Power 37-710kw
Total Weight 12-83t
    internal structure of fixed jaw crusher
    test machine debugging
    large feeding opening
    raw ores with large size
    final crushing product
    cone crusher
    cone crusher
    cone crusher
    cone crusher
    cone crusher

Cone Crusher

The Hongxing cone crusher can be divided into a spring cone crusher, a single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, a spring hydraulic cone crusher(also known as the Symons cone crusher), a full hydraulic cone crusher, a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, etc.

According to the structure, it is widely applied in the industries such as sand stone material yard, concrete sand making, dry powder mortar, construction waste, mechanism sand, power plant desulfurization and other industries, and is used for crushing various ores and rocks of medium and medium hardness (below 350 MPa), such as calcite, limestone, granite, river cobble, dolomite, green stone, glass, cement clinker, iron ore, etc.

Technical Data

Maximum Capacity 349-1050t/h
Maximum Feed Size 560mm
Maximum Discharge Size 41mm
Maximum Install Power 315kw
Total Weight 0.8-139t
Rotation Speed of Eccentric Shaft 180-330r/min

What Could Mining Machines Bring to Society?

In five even ten years, the development of mining machine technology will become the focus of mining industry where mining machinery will be witnessed to illustrate a dramatic procedure of transforming from quantity to quality. In China, mining machinery industry is always the cornerstone of national economy and having a great impact on national development. With the develpment of the seciety, these concrete crusheres play more and more important role in our dailay life. For example, in the past, people are always get in trouble when processing the construction waste, so the design of the stone crusher is helping them get the worksite for crushing these materials,  bring so much proficiency to people.

Some breakthroughs from fixed shaft cone crusher to single-cylinder cone have been made in mining industry in recent decades and the development trend of stone crushing machinery has been predicted as following:

Intelligence: underground mining, sea-bed mining and self-diagnosis equipment.

Digitalization: product development, enterprise collaboration, digital mining.

Ecology: eco-friendly design, fuel cell, geothermal energy and solid waste disposal.

Fixed crushers for Sale in China Hongxing

In general, how much you will spend on fixed crusher is affected by many factors, such as equipment manufacturers, specifications, quality, technology, region, market demand, etc. Different crusher manufacturers have different performance and quality, therefore, customers must purchase at regular manufacturer when purchasing equipment. There are many types of crushers to be selected , including some star products like hydraulic cone crusher, rock jaw crusher, impact stone crusher, etc. In addition, Hongxing Machinery is known as sophisticated technology, best quality, and good reputation. Come on and you'll see that we have different crushing equipment like concrete pulverizer, mobile pebble crushers,  rock screene, etc.

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