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HXJQ— A Dark Horse in the Mining Industry

Looking at the world situation, keeping up with the pace of the times

President Xi Jinping points out that the world today has gone through the border and deeper technological revolution and industrial transformation. Countries are getting more closer because of a constant breakthrough in modern technologies like the internet, big data, artificial intelligence. For further promoting and creating a new engine for the development of the world, we have to take actions right away to fasten digital economic development and lead the global Internet governance system to the more reasonable and fair future.

Recently, the intelligent technology industry represented by artificial intelligence has developed rapidly, driving a new round of technological transformation and the industrial revolution. Besides, it is becoming the new kinetic energy of global economic development in the new era, continuously driving technological progress, promoting industrial upgrading, helping economic transformation, and promoting social development. In the report of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, general secretary Xi emphasized that promoting the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy has pointed out the direction and goal for the development of China’s artificial intelligence industry.

Xi jinping

Constantly develop and overcome difficulties

Humans have been engaged in mining for thousands of years, which means miners have always occupied the core of the mining industry. With the popularity of intelligence, there comes intelligent data mining. For mining enterprises, intelligent mining refers to the use of modern high-tech and a full set of mine automation equipment to improve productivity and economic efficiency. Through dynamic real-time monitoring on the production process, the mine production will be maintained at the best state and the optimal level. Though China’s intelligent mine construction started late, in recent years, with China’s continuous attention and support, some large and medium-sized domestic mining manufacturers tremendously improve their penetration rate of digital design tool, digital control rate of key process and intelligence level. Among these mining companies, HXJQ is one of the outstanding mining equipment manufacturers who has experienced almost half of a century of up and downs to growth and change herself.

The transformation of HXJQ

Energy-saving mining products on Bauma

HXJQ Bauma

It is inevitable that the construction machinery industry will take the road of environmental protection. Since realizing the grim situation, Hongxing Machinery has rapidly implemented an innovation-driven strategy, promoted industrial transformation and upgrading, vigorously carried forward energy conservation and emission reduction, and accelerated the construction of ecological civilization. This is the basic requirements on the future development of mining machines producers. At the biennial Bauma show in Shanghai, China’s local construction machinery giants such as Sanyi, Xugong, and Hongxing machine have all shown off their latest crushing machines such as portable rock crushers, impact rock crushers, fixed crushers, which own better energy-saving and environmental protection properties. It can be seen that the torrent trend of energy-saving and environmental protection is the future direction of engineering machinery. Therefore, the vast number of engineering machinery enterprises must rely on their own to make products more efficient, energy saving and consumption reduction.

The personalized modular design of products at China Import and Export Fair

China import and Export Fair

In the future, with the development of China’s engineering machinery industry, to provide users with high-performance, high-reliability, high mobility, the good economy of equipment has become the eternal goal of China HXJQ. Therefore, in order to meet the personalized needs of users, we take a variety, small-volume production methods, the fastest speed to develop high-quality and low-cost new products. The most effective way to meet these requirements is through the use of personalized, modular design principles.

Modular design is used for analyzing the function of products which are different in features and Specifications to divide and design a series of functional modular. Then, the division and combination can make various crushing products to meet market demands. In a word, the final principles are all for manufacturing more varieties of equipment with the fewer modular combination. On the basis of meeting the standards, the company will make the product accuracy high, the performance stable, the structure simple, the cost low and the module structure should be simple, standardized and the connection between the modules as simple as possible.

customers at Canton Fair

With the soaring of the equipment manufacturing industry, constantly increased types of products and complex structure, only the reduction of the product design cycle can meet the needs of fierce competition. HXJQ Crusher has made great achievements by its personalized, modular mechanical design concept, which is in line with the development needs of the equipment manufacturing industry and has a high practical value and economic value.

Artificial Intelligence and Information Manufacturing at Iran ConMin2018

The Iranian Exhibition

Engineering machines take place of labor in construction building, which expands the functions of hands and feet. While when it comes to manufacturing machine, the physical labor still plays a major role. Nowadays, occupational diseases happen frequently and become more various labor costs, and various factors such as turnover rate, marriage, childbirth have led to rising labor costs, the situation of which urges a transformation from traditional industry to the modern engineering industry. China HXJQ has deeply realized that the integration of machine and telecommunications is not a simple combination but transition from local automation to complete automation, and it will develop towards long-distance manipulation and unmanned driving. With the intervention of artificial intelligence, construction machinery will accelerate its modernization process and gradually transit to a fully intelligent operational robot target. By then, some new robotic operating procedures will emerge.

Continuous reform makes HXJQ Group keep pace with the times

In recent years, with deep integration of information technology and manufacturing, the new industrial revolution— Industry 4.0 which is what we call information manufacturing is leading the world. Manufacturing Informatization is an important way for the transformation of the mining industry into a modern enterprise. Hongxing machine is a large-scale enterprise that implements information manufacturing, which shows that its business processes and organization have been reorganized, and the all life cycle data information of product from R&D, design, planning, processing to production and service also have been seamlessly linked. E-commerce a new marketing channel produced by the new era. It is not only a major measure of economic globalization but also the second largest sales channel in China. Nearly 800 million netizens of China coupled with netizens in other countries are all customers, which give us a distinction that online sales have become a proposition that must be chosen if we want to improve competitiveness in the manufacturing industry. Despite the long road ahead, as one of the Chinese manufacturing giant, HXJQ Machinery firmly believes that as long as they are down-to-earth and brave to develop, they will surely occupy a place at the forefront of world development.