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To Better Know about a Fixed Crusher

- The First Step to Use a Fixed Crusher?

Pile driving comes first for using a fixed crusher and is to sink piles into deep ground to offer an extremely stable foundation for the building above. A fixed crusher of HXJQ manufacturer is literally a crushing machine which cannot move down the road. In order to guarantee its stability and safety in operation and prevent it from inclining, pile driving is a must-have. More>>

- Budget on a Fixed Crusher

When it comes to investing a fixed crusher machine, it often refers to the following factors: power supply and freight and maintenance cost, how much it will take on a stone crushing machine. More>>

- How to Make a Fixed Crusher Friendly to Environment?

The issue of environment protection in mineral industry has been on the table. And more and more companies engaged sandstone business have been shut down owing to severe environmental pollution, which reveals that a fixed stone crusher could bring users long-term benefits one the basis of eco-friendly. Then how to make a fixed crusher machine friendly to environment? The code could be cracked in terms of keeping down dust and noise. More>>

What's Your Concern about a Fixed Crusher?

Materials Application?

A fixed crusher is designed to crush series of materials including aggreate, gravel and  mine ores. It is widely used in many fields like mineral industry, building material, highway, hydro project and chemistry industry. More>>

Fixed Crusher Types?

In general, there are three different types of fixed crusher with different functions in crushing industry. The most commons are fixed jaw crushers, impact rock crushers and cone crushers. More>>

Fixed crushers for Sale in China?

In general, how much you will spend on fixed crusher is affected by many factors, such as mining equipment manufacturers, specifications of the crusher, quality, technology, processing capacity, market demand, etc. More>>

How about the Process and Installation of a Fixed Crusher?

The complete installation of a fixed crusher mainly contains: preparing site—site design—equipment delivery—locating a spot for machine—pile driving—installation—soft operating (without materials) —soft operating (with materials). More>>

  • Construction site
  • Site design
  • Shipping
  • Select device location
  • Piling
  • Installation
  • Test machine debugging
  • Feeding material



To Better Know about a Portable Rock Crusher

- Do We Have to Drive a Pile for a Portable Rock Crusher?

Portable rock crusher is a kind of crushing equipment which could move down roads over wheels or crawler to operation site for processing materials without a pile driven and prepared (Pile driving is to sink piles into deep ground to offer an extremely stable foundation for the building above). More>>

- Budget on a portable rock crusher

How much does it take to invest a portable rock crusher or what’s the price of a portable rock crusher? There are some factors to think about: manpower and freight cost, the price of a portable rock crusher, investment on power supply and maintenance cost. More>>

- Where Does a portable rock crusher Work Best?

Compared with the other ordinary crushing machines, a portable rock crusher could not only show a good performance under the environment better for a stationary crusher, but also play an irreplaceable role in the short-term project that is operated in a complicated and terrible environment. More>>

What's Your Concern about a Portable Rock Crusher?

How to Make a Portable Rock Crusher Eco-friendly?

With the increasing attention paid to environment protection, stricter and stricter requirements have been put on a variety of enterprises supplying mining machines. More>>

How to Choose it in Terms of Capacity?

A portable rock crusher could be at its most effective condition when the capacity is arranged at 80-400t/h, for it has space-limited frame. More>>

What Kind of Material does it Serve Best?

As opposed to a fixed crusher, a portable rock crusher is not perfect for processing a large number of materials in large size. More>>

How about the Process and Installation of a Portable Rock Crusher Machine?

Actually, the installation of a portable rock crusher primarily follows several simple steps: delivering the machine to site—installation—soft operating (without materials)—soft operating(with materials). More>>

  • Delivering the machine to site
  • Installation
  • Soft operating (without materials)
  • Soft operating (with materials)



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