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What Is A Portable Rock Crusher Plant?

Hongxing Machinery(which also calls HXJQ Machine) portable rock crusher is a kind of rock crushing equipment, being of integrated design, powerful crushing force, compact structure, low energy consumption, and reliable structure. It is divided into tire-type mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile impact rock crusher, the crawler type mobile jaw crusher, etc.

The introduction of portable rock crusher plant

 Portable rock crusher plant also has a wide range of adaptation, especially for the treatment of construction waste.

Besides that, it also has a wide range of adaptation, especially for the treatment of construction waste. However, up to now, the problem of construction waste in the city is still severe, which not only affects the environment but also causes a serious impact on human health simultaneously. This has brought a good opportunity for the development of the Hongxing Machinery mobile stone crusher.

How does the portable rock crusher apply in mining field?

There are many types of mobile crushers for sale in Hongxing Machinery, such as portable jaw crusher, portable cone crusher, portable impact crusher, etc. They are regarded as the host core crushing equipment, so it is particularly suitable applied to crush soft or medium hard materials and extra-hard materials and hard rock, such as taconite, granite, gold mine, ore, corundum, quartzite, etc. The ship-form structure of mobile stone crusher can lower the chassis, reduce the weight and volume of the plant, and make it easy for turning and transportation.

The portable rock crusher plant is an excellent assistant for dealing with construction waste

Construction waste

As for dealing with construction waste, portable rock crusher is of great importance.

Accompanying the rapid advancement of industrialization and urbanization in the 21st century, a large amount of construction waste was emerging during the urban construction process in China. According to incomplete statistics, the annual construction waste generated by a single new rural construction is approximately 300 million cubic meters. Including with the urban program of construction waste, the amount of construction waste generated in one year will attain about 1 billion cubic meters. It is estimated that by 2020, construction waste will reach 3.6 billion tons, and in 2030, it will be up to 7.3 billion tons.

Construction waste

As we all know, Chinese industries mainly adopt the two ways by traditional dumping and underground landfill disposal. During the stacking and landfilling process, construction waste seriously contaminates the surrounding surface water and groundwater. In the long-term stacking process, harmful substances in construction waste can also cause serious pollution to the soil.

Construction waste piled up in the open air is more prone to causing dust and harmful gas, causing serious pollution to the air. Therefore, it is crucial to transform the way in which resource-based construction waste is dealt with.

In the past two decades, in the field of crushing, mobile stone crushers have been widely used in foreign countries. At the beginning of this century, the portable rock crusher plant technology was introduced to China HXJQ Machine. Since the localization is prevailing, the design level and manufacturing technology have been rapidly improved, and domestic customers are also increasingly rising.

The comparison between fixed crusher and the portable rock crusher

Comparable to the China Hongxing fixed crushers, the mobile crusher plant usually includes two types: such as the tire-type mobile rock crusher and the crawler type portable rock crusher. In comparison, the series of mobile rock crushers are not only easy to move but also more usable and flexible. What’s more, with a complete category of crushing and screening equipment, the operation process is more smooth, and the process is more advanced.

wheel-type portable crusher and Crawler -type crusher

A portable rock crusher for sale launched by HXJQ Machinery can be classified into wheel-type and crawler-type mobile crushing plants.

Wheel-type mobile cone crusher has a high base plate. Whether it is using for site, transporting or for moving, it always needs the semi-trailer for traction. And the small turning radius makes it easier to drive on the flat places flexibly and does not damage the road surface. In a word, wheel-type portable cone crusher is mostly used in flat quarry or construction site.

The crawler-type mobile rock cone crusher can drive themselves and by means of wireless remote control, it can be easily dragged to the trailer.

The crawler-type portable rock cone crusher has high strength and low ground bearing pressure, which also has good trafficability and adaptability to the mountain area, so it is often used for climbing mining or crushing.

The practice has proved that adopting the portable crusher plant can improve the recycle utilization rate of construction waste a lot, and facilitate the rate of renewable utilization. It is a both efficient and environmentally friendly processing method for the construction waste processing industry.

Generally speaking, HXJQ Machinery portable rock crushing plants are mainly used for metallurgical, chemical, building materials, hydropower and other processing materials that often need to be relocated, especially for the production of mobile stones such as highways, railways, hydropower projects, and the treatment of urban construction waste. Customers can adopt a variety of configuration forms according to the type of processing raw materials, size and the requirement of finished materials.

At present, the portable rock crushers for sale  in the domestic market has six major characteristics:

Six characteristics of portable rock crusher

  • The mobile crusher plant has reliable performance and convenient maintenance.
  • The machine can crush materials on-site, reducing material transportation costs.
  • Being of the integrated machine design, the portable rock crusher plant can shorten the working hours of the materials.
  • The operation of HXJQ Machine is directly effective, and the cost is maximized a lot.
  • Featured with strenuous adaptability and flexible configuration.
  • Portable rock crusher plant can carry out the stand-alone operation itself.
  • Besides, the Hongxing Machinery machine can also be flexibly combined of different types of equipment conducting the operation.
  • Flexible mobility provides more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration for the whole crushing process.

According to relevant experts, in the past, China’s portable crushing technology relied mainly on developed technology of foreign countries but without excessive innovation. Nowadays, many crusher manufacturers (like Hongxing Machinery)are constantly carrying out innovation and paying more attention to the innovation of equipment. Up to now, Hongxing Machinery has made great breakthroughs in crushing technology. The mobile crusher machine produced by HXJQ China has abandoned the problems of high energy consumption, high cost and serious pollution compared to traditional crushers. In addition, the mobile crusher plant has exhibited an extraordinary breakthrough in the energy-saving, environmental protection, whose quality has facilitated greatly.

What is Hongxing Machinerys priority?

 Future prospect of portable rock crusher

To fully implement the development of the construction waste industry. Solving the crucial problems in three aspects is Hongxing Machinery’s priority: first, the implementation of the transportation, consumption, and regeneration of the construction waste treatment industry needs to achieve; second, the technological innovation of regenerative facilities on construction waste, involving research and development work; the third is to encourage the participation of social groups to complete the overall work more conveniently and efficiently. No matter which aspect of the eagle, the future prospect of mobile crusher plant waste crushers are considerable. The future development of the Hongxing Machinery will also leap towards faster and more sustainable.