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Advantages of Small Portable Rock Crushers

Why there are people prefer small portable rock crushers to the big ones?

With the continuous development of the construction industry and the changing needs of people, a variety of crushers come one after another. Recently, there is a new type of mobile crusher called a small portable crusher in the market. Compared with the large- scale mobile crusher, its physique is particularly small and looks like children’s toys. So why is it so popular in the mining industry?

In simple terms, it mainly comes down to the following factors:

  • The size of the material is too small, and it is not suitable for large-scale mobile crusher to process

Because of the general movement, its feed port, and discharge size have a certain range.  Although most of them can be adjusted and to the minimum size in time, some small stones are still not able to be broken.

For example, a mobile CJ jaw crusher, its feed size range is 1500*1300-930*580, and the size of the material in your hand is less than the minimum size of 930*580, which means if you still insist on using general mobile crusher machine, the material will slide directly from the discharge port. Or the material can not be ideally broken to the perfect shape. Therefore, when it comes to this situation, a small portable crusher has to be used to meet the crushing requirements.

difference of the small protable rock crusher and general mobile crusher

          The small portable crushers are less space occupied

In summary, when you choose the machine, you must compare your material size with the size of the crusher’s import and export. The model is different, the body shape, the import and export size is different, and the homework is very good in advance. important.

  • Complex crushing site

The second important factor is the complexity of the crushing site. If the construction site or a quarry is small and complex, you’ll get some troubles when crushing stones. To install a fixed crusher, it is necessary to survey the environment first, then piling, installing the machine, testing the machine, which is very cumbersome. The small crushing operation itself does not take a long time, but the installation process has consumed most of the time, which is not the good result that the customers want, so they require a small mobile crusher.

small portable rock crusher site

           The small portable crushing line is processing limestone

The crawler- type or tracked small portable crusher is the most convenient, and can clime any difficult crushing site and be operated remotely. The output range is around 1-50t/h, which is also suitable for crushing a variety of materials, rotors, tiles, gold ore, and limestone. In short, in the face of complex sites, small mobile crushers not only meet the basic needs of customers but also improve efficiency and save costs and budget, which is one of the reasons that most people prefer.

small tracked crusher and large tracked crusher

          The small tracked crusher is flexble and efficient

In general, a small portable rock crusher is mainly used to process aggregates with very small production or gold ore crushing. There is a specification of the small portable jaw rock crusher in the following:

Model Feeding Open Size(mm) Max Feed Size(mm) Discharging Size(mm) Capacity(t/h)
PE150*250 150*250 130 15-45 1-4
PE200*300 200*300 180 15-50 2-6
PE200*350 200*350 180 18-70 3-10
PE250*400 250*400 210 25-60 5-20

From above, you could select the right machine according to your production demands.

What’s approximately cost of a small mobile rock crusher?

In general, the cost of the small portable rock crusher is much cheaper than the large-scale portable rock crusher. At the market, you may spend $66,666.00-$188,888.00 (according to Alibaba) to buy a normal portable stone crusher, but a small one would only account for about a quarter or one-fifth of that price. Therefore, you can get a reasonable-price small portable rock crusher, and would also be shocked at the best performance and efficiency that the small crushing machine brings.