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How to Prolong the Service Life of a Portable Rock Crusher?

What impacts the service life of a portable rock crusher? Basically there are several sectors including operations, maintenance and equipment process which is crucial to the quality and service life of a machine, all of which should be known in details.

operation mode of portable rock crusher

Material selection

If the main parts of the portable rock crusher such as frame, lining, hammer, bearing, etc. are made of material with poor quality or bad wear-resistance property, it will affect the whole uptime. Feeding material with too much hardness would causes severe abrasion, intensive pressure even damage of wear parts due to low heat treatment process and material hardness beyond wear resistance during the reducing process. However, according to statistics, frequent damage of components not only reduce the service but cause malfunctions. So, material with excellent wear-resistance creates high-quality parts, reducing the damage rate, prolonging the machine life service when undertaking the same degree of wear. In a word, what kind of material you choose decides how long you can use it, efficiency and operation costs.

What kind of material is the best choice?

Taking a portable jaw crusher as an example, parts including frame, working parts, transmission parts, adjusting device, safety device and lubrication system are indispensable to the machine but having different importance for some determines the operation while others not. Here are more details about necessary parts that should be known.

Frame: usually a portable jaw crusher is divided into two types— integrated frame and assembled one. A lot of small and medium sized equipment utilize integrated frame being welded or cast by steel while large sized one characterized by difficult transportation and process are installed assembled frame and the latter is made up of a number of cast iron or welded parts joined by bolts. So, the material of frame has direct relationship with equipment quality.

Working part: another important part is crushing cavity composed of stationary jaw and mobile jaw. Being directly involved in crushing operation, the lining panel must process high quality and good material. Recently, the surface of the liner is usually cast into a wavy and triangular shape. In addition, with the development of modern high-tech R&D and application of computers, the design of liner has broken the bottleneck restrictions on the basis of combination of traditional experiments and optimized design of computer, finally making great progress  in crushing results.

Transmission part: being composed of  eccentric shaft, linkage coupled with before and after thrust, transmission part is also vital to a portable rock crusher when it comes to whether sequential operation can be made. When the motor is started, the eccentric shaft  rotates, thus driving the linkage to move up and down to push thrust plate.

Honestly, when purchasing a portable rock crusher,  please do not stare at cheap price only, and it cannot provide you an ideal machine that you want. The quality of components decides the quality of the whole machine, which means parts with good material make up of a tough machine with long-term service life.

high-quality fixed jaw crusher

Process selection

After the selection of the material with good wear resistance, the process of assembling the different parts of a portable rock crusher is also an important factor affecting its service life. Perfect process will enhance the performance, create robust and high-quality equipment thus prolong the life service in production. On the contrary, bad process such as unreasonable gap between the parts would lead to terrible machability during the operation, severely affecting the service life.

What kind of process can improve the service life?

As an crucial equipment in reducing operation, a portable rock crusher under the proper use can maximize its advantage and efficiency of continuous processes, reducing transport distances and costs. To a portable crusher plant, the layout and way to move should be aimed at lowest process costs and take impact on the production efficiency into full consideration. A portable rock crushing plant is generally applied in the open pit to reduce the distance to the single bucket excavator, moving with mining schedule. Some portable plants need to move once at the range of 3-6 months, others maybe need 1-3 years to do a movement, which shows the period of displacement is very important to decide frame structure of a portable plant.

When it comes to short time period, it is necessary to consider the situation where the overall structure is convenient to be frequently moved and can adapt to the geographical environment. Generally, the portable crushing plant with short-period movement will utilize the trestle type, relying on the stripping step in addition to simple retaining wall and a steel structure trestle without an expensive concrete retaining wall. Costs can also be reduced by means of natural slopes to set up natural hopper.

portable rock crusher

For long-term shifting, whether the overall stability is suitable for long-term placement without affecting the performance of the reducing plant is what we should think about. The medium and long-term mobile equipment often needs to design a huge retaining wall with reinforced concrete structure, taking into account the load of the truck, the bearing capacity of the wall and the proper position of the hopper in the retaining wall.

Due to modular design adopted by a portable rock crusher, the time of displacement is greatly lowered and more flexible compared to fixed crusher. In order to lighten the weight of the frame and improve the fatigue resistance of the walking crawler, the important parts and components are made of fine-grained special alloy such as Mn13, Mn13Cr2, chrome alloy and rare earth wear-resistant steel. The core equipment crusher adopts double-geared roller crusher which reduce the weight and size, further improving the capacity. Tracked crusher according to different way of arrangement is divided into transverse and vertical arrangements which can be converted according to the process requirements.

Improper use and maintenance

Despite simple and reliable equipment structure, it is necessary to go on every step strictly according to operation regulations. Lack of experiences and carelessness cause improper use and maintenance, thus leading to bad performance. What should be took into account are whether the entire crushing chamber is filled with material instead of only in feeding space between the fixed  and moving cone liners; whether the lubricating oil is added on time; whether the roots, wires, etc. in the cavity are cleaned in time. All those details easily neglected in work will inevitably accelerate the wear of the parts and block the oil flow, which accumulating to a certain extent will lead to major economic losses, service life reduction even equipment broken.

advices of crushing process

How to properly repair a portable rock crusher?

  • Regularly check the wear parts, change those parts with severe abrasion in time, please remember the new one must be the same as the old one at weight, size and model.
  • Pay attention to noise and vibration created by the machine. When excessive noise and vibration occurs, stop the equipment immediately and check it out. After the fault is discharged, restart it again.
  • Regularly check whether there are unbreakable objects falling into the chamber then clean it right now.
  • Timely lubricate of the friction surface and the grease used should be based on the worksite and weather conditions.
  • The quality and yield of the products should be observed during the operation. When they are not normal, there maybe malfunctions such as clogging of the crusher, vibrating screen.
  • Reasonable use triangular tape which has the functions of vibration absorption, operation stabilization, noise reduction and buffering protection when overloading. It cannot be too loose or too tight. Too loose will affect the transmission capacity, making the tape easily slip and burn  while too tight creating large force exerted on the shaft, heating up the bearing to burnout.
  • There are so many kinds of portable rock crushers with different qualities. Therefore, all factors above are helpful to choose a durable portable rock crusher and maximum its performance thus finally achieving high work efficiency, opration costs reduction, maximized profits and value.