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Best Wheel Mounted Mobile Stone Crushing Plant in 2019

The wheel mounted mobile stone crushing plant is mainly used in the two general fields, one is the mining process and the other is construction building material crushing. It is the revolutionary crushing plant that offers a remarkable degree of flexibility. In general, there are two types of mobile stone crusher, one is called tracked crusher plant, the other what we talk about in this article is called wheel mounted mobile stone crushing plant.

The advantages of the flexibility and mobility seamlessly united in a single product based on the long-standing experience and extensive know-how of the company’s R&D department. This is a high standard wheel mounted mobile stone crushing plant which is assembled on a two-axle semi-trailer making it quick and easy to deploy on a job site without the need for special infrastructure.

research and development department

research and development department

Meet the advanced technological German and European Standard

Depending on the long-time experience in the mining and crushing equipment manufacturer, our R&D department combined the traditional way and the modern way of development. Now we have made great achievements in improving efficiency and shorten the time of maintenance.

  • Integrated unit

The integrated unit equipment installation eliminates the complex site infrastructure installation operations and reduces material and man-hour consumption. The reasonable and compact space layout of the unit improves the flexibility of the station.

  • Flexibility and mobility of the wheel mounted mobile stone crushing plant

The mobile crushing station has a high wheel-mounted site, the width of the vehicle body is smaller than that of an operating semi-trailer, and the turning radius is small, which is convenient for ordinary roads and more convenient for driving in rough environments in the crushing field. It saves time for entering the construction site quickly and is more conducive to entering a reasonable area of construction. It also provides a more flexible space and reasonable layout for the overall crushing process.

  • Reduce material transportation costs

The mobile crushing station can crush the materials on-site at the first line, eliminating the intermediate link of materials moving from the site and then crushing, which greatly reduces the material transportation costs. In addition, the extended unit can directly send the crushed materials into the transfer car bucket and turn off the site.

mobile wheel-mounted crushing plant

The mobile wheel-mounted crushing plant is configurated in the factory
  • Can be customization

a series of mobile crushing stations that are directly and effectively integrated with the operation, can be used independently, and can also provide customers with more flexible process configurations according to the material types and product requirements in the process to meet users’ mobile crushing, mobile screening, and other various demands. So, it makes the production organization and logistics transfer more direct and effective, and reduce the cost to the maximum.

  • adaptable and flexible

For coarse crushing and fine crushing screening system, it can be operated independently by a single unit, or it can be flexibly formed into a system to configure the unit to work together. The side of the unloading hopper provides a variety of configuration flexibility for the screening material delivery method. In addition to supplying power to the diesel generator in the integrated unit configuration, the unit can also provide unit power to the processing system.

Technical support available 24/7 and guarantee delivery of spare parts with 24 hours

Compared to other systems, the mobile concrete crushing plant is extremely cost-effective when relocating from one job site to the next as in essence, the only cost involved is its transport.

It is fitted with all necessary systems fully assembled and connected for operation storage control, weighing, transport and mixing systems as well as anything else that may be required are fully integrated into the plant thus making it entirely autonomous. the concrete produced is of excellent quality at remarkably fast cycle times in accordance with its specifications.

The mobile concrete crushing plant is equipped with a state-of-the-art automated system for management and control of the plant this renders it compact convenient and functional the plant is mounted on a 2 axle semi-trailer that is fully compliant with any traffic code.

This means that no special license is required for its transport an ordinary 2 axle tractor is all. That’s needed for transporting the plant from one job site to the next in all the roads of the rest of the world.

control platform

automatic controlling  platform

The mobile concrete crusher plant is designed and developed by Hongxing Machinery whose production is a fully standardized and industrialized process. during the design stage, special emphasis was placed on stability and safety its specification thoroughly complies with 10150 1/8 HZ  requirements as set by to Germany whereas construction quality is certified to ISO.

Besides, a detailed manual for installation use and maintenance as a well comprehensive catalog of spare parts with our code numbers uninterrupted operation is ensured by technical support available 24/7 and guaranteed delivery of spare parts within 24 hours.

Offer complete training by specialized technical staffs

In addition, the plant offers complete training by the specialized technical staff of our company. With the aid of modern audio-visual material,  the impressive feature list and tested performance of the plant in action have rendered in the safest and most economical solution in the mobile stone plant sector on a worldwide scale consistent and reliable performance backed by the manufacturer.


They are heading for the worksite to maintain the machine

Why choose HXJQ Company?

Our company provides the best mobile  crushing plant which offers you the following benefits:

  1. minimal relocation cost, easy transport
  2. quick and easy installation
  3. stability  and safety
  4. reliability and after-sale service

hxjq the best crushing equipment manufacturer

The bird view of the HXJQ 

We have sold hundreds of the plant to many countries like Indonesia, India, Zambia, North Korea, etc. This best plant has passed a number of international tests and meets environmental protection requirements, which wins a lot of good feedback from customers.

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