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Where Can I buy the Environmental-Protection Sand Machinery?

The installation of  pulse jet dust collectors on VSI sand machinery

The VSI sand machinery can effectively control the dust escape and reduce the impact on the environment during the operation, ensure the cleanness of the workshop. The overall design of the VSI sand machinery plant is trying best to cut down dust spreading and strength the degree of sealing so that it adopts the pulse dust collector.
It is a new type of pulse dust collector improved on the basis of bag filter and combines the advantages of sub-chamber backflushing various pulse jet dust collectors, overcomes the shortcomings of insufficient chamber dusting intensity, uneven distribution of inlet and outlet winds, and expands the scope of application. The utility model has the characteristics of large air volume, small floor space, high purification efficiency, reliable work, simple structure, and small maintenance. Dust removal efficiency can reach more than 99%.

dust remover

pulse dust collector overcomes the dust spreading

Advantages of the pulse dust collector of sand machinery

  • The high-pressure and large-flow pulse valve sprays the cleaning filter one by one, which performs strong cleaning ability and high dust removal efficiency
  • improving the bag changing operation condition; prolonging the life of the bag and facilitating unloading the bag
  • small volume, large air volume, compact structure, convenient use, and reliability
  • The normal use temperature <120 ° C, inlet dust concentration <200glNM. The export discharge concentration is <50mglNM3
  • The cabinet is airtight and the door is cleaned with an excellent sealing material. The sealing performance is good, firm and reliable

The noise reducer protects people and the environment

During the operation of the equipment, the noise is inevitable, and the environmentally-friendly sand making machine breaks through its material. The VSI sand machinery mainly is made of high-chromium steel, which not only has good wear resistance but also has good sound insulation effect while when teaming up with the noise devices, can greatly reduce the noise.
The VSI sand making machine combines practical requirements with international environmental protection standards to innovate the production process or select low-noise equipment so that the noise is reduced by 34% during mechanical tasks and the airflow nozzle shape is also modified. Machining and assembly accuracy has been improved a lot to reduce noise from mechanical vibration and friction.

sand maker adopts high-qulity material

The material of VSI sand maker is high quality and noise reducing

What the differences between VSI sand machinery and traditional sand maker?

Differences Traditional  sand maker VSI sand machinery
Feeding way incomplete center feeding complete center feeding
Open way no open inspection service automatic inspection and opening mechanism
Lubrication poor heat dissipation(dry) ensures temperature rise within 25 °C(light)
Production process shallow cavity, less production deep cavity, production 30%higher
Bulk cone device no bulk cone device bulk cone (disc) device for stone
Environmental effects it is highly polluting to the environment less pollution and noise

What can I get when installing the pulse dust collector?

These are the different crushing plants located in India and Zambia respectively, they all demand 12thp sand maker for process limestones. from the pictures, we can see the totally different crushing effects on the environment ane people. The second one is strictly following the international standards for installing the dust removing dust and dust reducer and you’ll get efficiency more than 35% compared with traditional sand maker. If you wanna purchase the environmental-protection sand maker, China HXJQ could be one of your choices and its all process from design to installation is quite reasonable and green.

comparsion of vsi sand machinery and traditional sand maker

comparsion of vsi sand machinery and traditional sand maker