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How Does the Stone Pulverizer Crush Marble in Philippines?

Why the stone pulverizer machine is so important in the Philippines?

A unique geological environment makes the Philippines rich in natural mineral resources and own very important position the world’s mineral reserves. Non-metallic mining is an important source of construction, agriculture, and electricity in the Philippines. Limestone is the largest non-metallic mineral in the Philippines and is found throughout the Philippines with reserves of 29 billion metric tons, accounting for 57% of non-metallic mineral reserves; 8.5 billion metric tons, accounting for 16.7% of non-metallic mineral reserves.

quarrying situation in Philippinese

           Quarring industry is very important in Philippines

The proficiency created by the quarry industry

The benefits of the quarry industry have grown since 2009. In 2009, the tax paid by the mining and quarry industry reached 12.696 billion pesos. In 2011, it rose to 22.237 billion pesos, an increase of 75% compared with 2009. The increase in revenue is due to the increase in output driven by price increases. In 2012, when world metal prices fell, taxes fell by 16% to only 18.629 billion pesos.

In addition to the price drop, the Executive Order No. 79 issued in 2012 also made the future of the mining industry unclear. In addition, the government has also improved the government’s revenue in mining activities through tax reforms.

Therefore, the introduction and use of stone pulverizer is particularly important for the economic development of the Philippines, which is why the stone pulverizer machine is particularly popular in the mining industry in the Philippines.

How does the stone crushers process marble in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, marble is a very important non-metallic resource. Marble is a kind of stone with a smooth appearance and hard internal structure. It is mostly used in the fields of architecture and decoration. With the appearance of the crusher, it has a new use. After the marble is broken, it can be used as a high-quality sandstone resource for transportation. In the water conservancy, construction and other industries, there are many types of stone crushers on the market, while different types of crushers sometimes process different materials and create different effects. Now, let’s take the PE jaw crusher as an example.

What are the benefits of PE-400*600 jaw crusher for crushing marble?

PE jaw cruhsers processing marble in PhilippinesPE jaw crusher is processing the marble in Philippines

 Good crushing effect and in line with market requirements:

Although the mechanism sand is an important sandstone resource, the mechanical sand is different from the natural sand because the quality of the mechanical sand can be controlled. The mechanical sand is processed by crushing various ores, so the quality of artificial sand is decided by the which stone pulverizes you choose.

In order to ensure the quality of the product, this PE-400*600 jaw crusher crushes the marble by means of extrusion, grinding and smashing to ensure the shape of the product is uniform and the particles are full. The crushing equipment machine is also the most popular one in the Philippines when people crushing marble.

High output, environmental protection: there are many types of stone crushers on the market, and each one has its own crushing advantages but the output and efficiency are always their purposes to meet the needs of customers. Nowadays, the environmental protection requirements are more and more strict for the stone crusher pulverizer, and it is necessary to ensure the production and environmental protection.

Even though sometimes the strict standards take a challenge in the stone crusher machine many manufacturers are trying their best to update their machines. Such as the uses a deep “V” crushing cavity for the device and installation of the other equipment like dust remover. Apart from above, the deep crushing cavity can effectively prevent the material from splashing outside, and effectively reduce the dust pollution to the environment and achieve environmental protection.

marble crushed by stone cruhers

           marble before crushing and after crushing

How much people will take on a PE-400*600 jaw crusher

The price of PE-400*600 jaw crusher is affected by many factors, such as: manufacturer, equipment quality, manufacturing cost, market supply and demand, etc. The key lies in the manufacturers because different manufacturers’ development time, manufacturing technology and sales model will affect the quality and price of the equipment.

As the saying goes, “one penny higher brings you different quality product”, different manufacturers have different company systems and production experience. The quality of the equipment produced is so much different so that the high quality jaw crusher costs more materials, technology, energy, cost.

What does the future of the mining and quarry industry in the Philippines?

Some limitation of the mining industry

First, the infrastructure is a little bit backward, and it needs too much money on the water, electricity, and roads to develop mineral deposits. Second, many ports and terminals can only be operated by simple roads, and some of the docks have smaller berths. Third, the construction machinery used for mining and quarrying is basically not sold locally, mainly by import. Fourth, the quality inspection of minerals lacks uniformity. The local mining companies have strong production capacity, but lack of perfect quality management, resulting in large differences in mineral quality before and after shipment.

Mining machines bring huge economic benefits to the people of the Philippines and the country

With the benefits brought by stone pulverizers, the national economy of the Philippines has been greatly enhanced, and the government has paid more and more attention to this. The current mining regulations in the Philippines are the 1995 Mining Act No. 7942 and its related enforcement rules.

The mining law aims at the people and the environment, and mainly to promote the rational exploration, development, utilization, and protection of mining resources by the government and the private sector. It advocates joint participation in management and cooperation, sharing interests and focusing on environmental and social security.

stone pulverizer are environmental protection

stone pulverizer is the ideal crushing machine for the city construction

Since the enactment of the mining law, mining development in the Philippines has recovered and new progress has been made in geological exploration. Since the administration of the Arroyo government, it has placed great hopes on mining development, which indicates that mining development can increase employment, increase income, reduce poverty, and stimulate economic development.