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The Cone Crusher Hydraulic System for Coal Mill(25TPD)

Customer case

Here is a conversion between the customer and our customer service staff:

Staff: What crusher machine for sale are you interested in?

Customer: Hydraulic system for coal mill.

Staff: How many tons do you need to process per hour?

Customer: 25 tons for one hour.

Staff: What’s the feeding size of your raw materials before the process?

Customer: 100mm maximum.

Staff: Got it. Our engineers will contact you to give you the most suitable production plan and price.

Customer: May I know about your after-sale service?

Staff: Of course. We have specialized technicians to install the crusher machine in person. Besides, you can contact our engineers if there are any problems with the crusher machine, for there is a mobile device equipped in every crusher machine, which is convenient to keep in touch with our engineers.

Customer: Wow, it’s great. I will go to China and have a look at the crusher machine.

From what has discussed above, it can be seen that our customer is very satisfied with our after-sale service. In May 2018, this customer came to Hongxing Machinery and we have appointed a specialized car to pick him up. He was interested in our hydraulic cone crusher for sale because he wanted a hydraulic system for coal mill, and Hongxing Machinery cone crushers have adopted the hydraulic design. Finally, he bought the cone crusher. Here is a picture from his production spot.

The production spot from our customer

A Feedback picture from our customer, he is very satisfied with the Hongxing Machinery cone crushers.

The predecessor of the hydraulic cone crusher

The cone crusher was introduced more than a hundred years later than the roller crusher, and more than twenty years later than the gyratory crusher. Before the cone crusher for sale was unveiled, the hydrogen-oxygen process had been developed greatly in the early twentieth century. It required to provide a finer product than the gyratory crusher and fixed jaw crusher.

With the continuous development of mining technology, hydraulic cone crushers are also divided into several types, namely, single-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher, compound cone crusher, multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher. 

Advantages of hydraulic system cone crusher

Hydraulic system cone crusher is an improvement of spring cone crusher. There are many advantages of advanced hydraulic cone crushers.

With the expansion of domestic demand and the construction of infrastructure, the demand for sand materials and related crushing machinery has increased sharply, and the market for cone crushers has broad prospects. Compared to the same type of crusher machine for sale, the cone crusher for sale has greater working efficiency and crushing capacity. In recent years, the mining industry has gradually increased.

The most important thing is the crushing of ore by manual or mechanical exploitation of natural mineral resources with great value. The finished ore processed is mainly used in metallurgy, construction, chemical, and other industries.

The materials crushed by cone crushers

Here is the material crushed by cone crushers

The cone crusher’s advantage design and its superior performance are the root causes of the great application prospect in the crushing industry. Therefore, in order to adapt to the development of the market environment, the improvement of the working performance of the cone crusher for sale has become a new target in Chinese mining machinery processing industry.

In addition to the modern design, higher crushing force and stronger structure, the intelligent hydraulic cone crusher have more progress and improvement in human-computer interaction, automatic control, inspection execution, and humanization.

To this end, from the perspective of its future survival and development, Hongxing Group has adopted measures such as integration of environmental protection technologies, accelerating the pace of upgrading, and improving the quality of crusher machines with a view to reducing pressure and narrowing the gap with advanced foreign countries. Especially in recent years, the rapid rise of the real estate industry has also brought new security risks – construction waste.

According to statistics, during the construction of 10,000 square meters of buildings, 500-600 tons of construction waste will be generated, and the removal of 10,000 square meters of old buildings will produce 7,000 tons to 12,000 tons of construction waste. These construction wastes can cause many environmental problems.

Some environmental problem caused by construction waste

  • After a long period of sun and rain, the harmful substances in construction wastes (including the polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons released from paint, paint, and asphalt in urban construction waste) are infiltrated into the soil through landfill leachate, thus reducing soil quality.
  •  During the process of stacking and landfilling, the sewage, leachate, which is leached by fermentation and rainwater, will cause serious damage to the surrounding surface water and groundwater. The main ways of surface water pollution are: the construction waste is sometimes scattered in the ponds and water ditches near the dumping yard; the leachate in the dumping ground flows over the surface and flows into the surface water bodies; the leaching filtrate in the garbage dumps will seep into the nearby surface water body.
  • The impact of the dumping site on groundwater is mainly due to the infiltration of the garbage pollution gets into the aquifer with the leaching filtrate. Besides, the infiltration of the river and lake pits contaminated by the garbage into the recharge aquifer causes deep pollution. Landfill leachate contains not only a large number of organic pollutants, but also a large amount of metal and non-metallic pollutants, and the water quality components are complicated, which will cause great harm to the human body.
  • Moreover, during the process of stacking, some organic substances are decomposed under the action of temperature and moisture, and harmful gases are generated. For example, waste gypsum in construction waste contains a large number of sulfate ions, and sulfate ions will be converted into anaerobic conditions. This harmful gas will pollute the atmosphere when discharged into the air.
  • Under the influence of external factors, the collapse of construction waste dumps will happen, hindering roads and even rushing to other buildings. In addition, the content of heavy metals in urban construction waste tends to be high. Under the influence of various factors, chemical reactions will occur, which will increase the content of heavy metals in the soil. Contaminated soils generally do not have the natural self-purification ability, and it is difficult to reduce the degree of pollution by dilution and diffusion.

Construction waste pollutes the soil

Construction waste not only influences human's living condition but also destroy cities' appearance

So many security risks make people have to deal with these construction waste. Construction waste production can achieve a conversion rate of aggregates of up to 85%. One ton of construction waste can produce 0.85 tons of recycled aggregate and 0.01 tons of scrap. The sales price of recycled aggregates is about 60% of the price of natural sandstone materials, which can effectively reduce construction costs by more than 40%.

In addition, recycled concrete, recycled environmentally-friendly permeable bricks, and blocks, recycled dry-mixed mortar produced by construction waste aggregate can not only meet the strength requirements but also have good water permeability and high-cost performance. From this point of view, it is very necessary to properly handle construction waste.

The Hongxing Machinery hydraulic cone crusher can handle these construction waste well. The recycled aggregate of the construction waste after crushing, sieving, iron removal, light substance separation and other processes is processed into non-sintered bricks, recycled mortar, PC prefabricated components, road water-stable layer, dry powder mortar and other environmentally friendly building materials, thereby building Garbage will turn waste into treasure, and finally achieves the goal of mutual benefit, such as ecological benefits, social benefits, and economic benefits.

More importantly, the environmental design of the Hongxing Machinery cone crusher for sale has also greatly solved the problem of harmful substances or gases generated in the production process.

The price of Hongxing Machinery cone crushers for sale

The price of a large cone crusher is not fixed. It is affected by many factors, such as quality, regional differences, manufacturer nature, etc. The price is different according to different types. Here are some factors influencing the cone crusher price.

Some factors influencing cone crushers' prices

Five aspects decide cone crusher' price
  • The cone crushers’ quality

The quality of cone crusher is the main factor affecting the price of the crusher machine. The cone crusher for sale with good quality has high operating efficiency and low probability of failure during operation. It can create high profits for users. Such cone crusher prices are relatively high; on the contrary, low cone crusher quality will lead to weaker performance, and the price is low.

  • Regional differences

There are many large-scale cone crusher manufacturers in China, and the prices of cone crushers in different regions are not the same. The prices of cone crusher for sale in developed regions are much higher than those in general economic regions.

  • The essence of crushing factory

Although there are many large-scale cone crusher manufacturers in the market, different manufacturers have different properties. Some manufacturers belong to direct sales, while some belong to middlemen, and some are dealers. In contrast, direct-selling manufacturers have a relatively economical price, and the quality of the cone crusher for sale is also very guaranteed. Therefore, users must consider many aspects when purchasing equipment.

  • Crusher machine yield

Hongxing Machinery exports many crusher machines every year, including fixed jaw crusher, impact rock crusher, portable rock crusher, hammer crusher, etc. And we provide a preferential price for foreign friends. Besides, different yields have different prices.

  • Types of cone crushers

Different types of cone crushers have different yield and the yield comes according to the customers’ requirements. High yield will lead to a higher price.

Several types of cone crushers

There are several types of Hongxing Machinery cone crushers

Hongxing Machinery provides a preferential price of cone crushers for sale

Hongxing Group is a professional manufacturer of large-scale cone crushers. It has a large production scale and strong strength as well as advanced production technology and technology. The large cone crushers produced are cost-effective and the price is also affordable. The reasons are as follows:

  • The Hongxing Group independently produces large hydraulic cone crushers, the total cost of the crusher machine for sale is relatively low, so the price is also low.
  • The Hongxing Machinery is located in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province. The price and consumption level in this area is not very high, so the price is naturally affordable.
  • There are not lots of cone crusher manufacturers in Henan Zhengzhou, Hongxing Machinery is in line with the purpose of serving customers to meet people’s needs. Therefore, the price of hydraulic cone crushers isn’t high in order to better benefit the people.

In conclusion, Hongxing Group has both cone crushers’ good quality and preferential price, it is your best choice.