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Useful Maintenance Tips for Crushers under High-temperature Weather

As we all know, aggregate is the main building material including sand, pebbles, gravel, brittle rocks, and other coarse and fine aggregates applied in of expressway, high-speed railway, water conservancy projects. Facing the arrival of the peak period of high-speed railway construction in China, the market demand for aggregate and concrete is particularly strong. So, the need for high-quality crushing equipment and mature manufacturing technology in various constructions is increasing greatly. But as big equipment in the mining machinery industry, the cost price of the crushers like mobile rock crushers, impact crushers, jaw crushers will make every customer be very concerned about its service life, and how to maximize its valuable use, especially when encountering high-temperature weather. In order to achieve the protection of the machine, make it normal operation, we’d better know what factors we should do to guard against in the course of operation.

mining materials from HXJQ

The stone materials can be crushed into fine materials by semi-portable crushers in HXJQ Machinery

When there comes May, the temperature of many parts of China has reached more than 30 degrees, and the continuous high-temperature environment will bring many difficulties to the use of rock crushers especially for portable rock crushers including semi-portable rock crushers and tracked crushers because of outdoor working and other mining equipment. Summer is rainy, humid, so it will also affect the service life of mining equipment. So, are there any measures to reduce the impact of high temperature on crushing equipment, to ensure the normal production of equipment?

How does the hot weather impact on mining equipment?

In a high-temperature environment, the crusher’s own temperature will rise, and be prone to unpredictable anomalies, such as suddenly shut down, spindle broken and other malfunctions. Because of the principle of hot and cold contraction, high temperature will cause the parts of the crusher to expand, resulting in more friction and deviation in the bite of the components. That will not only affect the production progress, also make the temperature further increase.

The high-temperature environment will make the crusher oil temperature increase, oil and viscosity decreased and partial oil film damage. The lubrication effect between components and bearing carrying capacity is reduced, and more, lubricant carbonization resulting in burning itself.

stone crushers of HXJQ

Customer's production spot in Indonesia

High temperature has certain harm to the engine, hydraulic system, circuit, etc. of the mobile rock crushers. The hydraulic system in a high-temperature environment will often burst pipe, joint oil leakage, solenoid coil burning, hydraulic valve stuck, noise and other failures. Accumulator system would also be damaged because of high hydraulic oil temperatures. Aging circuits in the summer can easily cause the outer skin to crack due to the metal’s thermal expansion and cold contraction, resulting in short circuit failure. What’s more, The electrical components in the control cabinet or counter are also prone to failure in the high temperature, and the key control components such as the controller and PLC may also be malfunctioning like a crash, slow operation, and control failure.

Working long hours at high temperatures will lead to the poor performance of equipment lubrication systems, volatile oil, chassis, and other transmission systems prone to wear while creating the impact to paint layer, brake system, clutch, throttle control system and metal structure. Besides, it is also manifested in the high temperatures: easy to produce gas resistance resulting in the inability to supply oil, reduce the performance of the engine intake system and the sealing, increase fuel consumption because of engine oil leakage.

What can we do to make stone crushers run smoothly?

So, how to reduce the impact of the high-temperature environment on mine crushers so that to maintain the normal production of equipment? China Hongxing advises that people can start with the following:

1. Seriously do a good job of crusher equipment daily maintenance work. Regular inspection of equipment, change butter, adjust belts, check core components and wear-resistant parts. Operators should often check the values on various temperature meters in their work, immediately stop to inspection when finding problems. If you cannot find the malfunctions once in a while, please never force it to work without maintenance.

2. Timely clean up the motor body oil and dust to ensure that the engine can keep good heat dissipation. Although some of the equipment nowadays is equipped with dust-proof systems that reduce the probability of downtime, the dust problem becomes more serious in summer due to high temperatures and dry air. For example, operators should regularly check the fixed bolts fixed crushers to prevent dust seals and slip rings fall off because when a large amount of dust and mineral slag into the body, it will result in the crushing machine scrapping or major economic losses.

3.Changing the appropriate oil viscosity grade for the equipment because of the general summer oil viscosity grade than other times appropriately higher. Motor oil and all over the lubricant need to be replaced using summer oil, and please often check whether there is oil leakage.

crushing equipment parts changing

4. Please check whether the cooling system and fuel system is smooth, and replace aging wires, plugs, oil pipes, screws, tightening fuel lines to prevent fuel leakage.

5. When the crusher machine is in operation, people should always pay attention to the temperature of the crusher bearing because in normal working conditions bearing temperature rise should be in the 35-70 degrees. Bearings remain should be in good lubrication and please pay attention to sound and vibration anomalies.

6. Regardless of the equipment in a shutdown or working state, as far as possible equipment placed in a cool place, such as temporary shade for equipment, sun nets, etc., to avoid long-term exposure in the sun and factors resulting in aging equipment, affecting the quality and efficiency of work.

the crushers should be placed in the cool place

 7. The indoor environment is a better place for equipment when it is equipped at the place with better ventilation and at the same time people should pay attention to adjust the indoor temperature and surrounding environment ventilation and breathability. Generally, the temperature does not exceed 40 degrees to provide a good working environment for the stone crushers. The high temperature in the use of crushers makes more prone to failure, so more attention should be paid to the maintenance and repair of crushers. If we obey all rules above, we can eradicate large troubleshooting in the bud, keep the normal operation of production at the same time, ensure the safety of equipment operators.